'Ask CFIA': Industry access to answers

What is 'Ask CFIA'?

'Ask CFIA' is a service to provide industry with one point of entry to ask questions to help you understand and comply with current regulatory requirements. Depending on the complexity of the question, this could include CFIA follow up with the requestor to better understand their question.

Who should use 'Ask CFIA' and how do I access it?

'Ask CFIA' is now available for following sectors - dairy, fish and seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, processed products (fruit and vegetable), egg and egg products, honey and maple products – and later on will include all industry sectors.

Why should I use 'Ask CFIA'?

'Ask CFIA' will provide you with:

  • Plain language information and guidance documents to help you understand regulatory requirements.
  • One point of entry to ask questions on regulatory requirements.
  • Consistent, written answers to your questions within set service expectations.

When should I use 'Ask CFIA'?

Use 'Ask CFIA' when:

  • You need assistance finding the information or guidance you need on the CFIA website.
  • You need assistance in clarifying technical regulatory requirements, information or guidance from the CFIA.
  • You have a complex, technical question about regulatory requirements.

How do I use 'Ask CFIA' and what can I expect?

  1. Visit 'Ask CFIA' to find information, tools, guidance and access to frequently asked questions on regulatory requirements.
  2. Can't find what you're looking for? Submit your question. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement that we've received your question along with an enquiry ID number. Hold onto this enquiry ID number for future reference.
  3. Depending on the technical complexity of your question, we may need more time to respond. We may also need to discuss the issue with you directly and get more details. This could include following up directly with you for clarification on your question. If this happens, we will let you know when you can expect to receive a response. For example, we may need more time if:
    • the technical information needs to be found in various documents;
    • we need to consult with various technical experts within the CFIA and/or other government departments; or
    • the question is highly technical or novel in nature and requires more research.
  4. A final written response will be sent to you by email.
  5. Stay connected with the CFIA through email updates, web feeds and social media.

Continue to use other CFIA channels such as…

  • Your inspector when you have a question related to an ongoing CFIA inspection and/or investigation.
  • National Service Centres when you have a question of a transactional and/or administrative nature about permissions or inspections:
    • Centre of Administration - for information on operational administrative services required for domestic and import related permissions, including licences, permits, and registration, excluding export certification activities.
    • National Import Service Centre - for information on import request documentation or the date sent by the importing community across Canada, inquiries regarding the import requirements for all commodities regulated by the CFIA and the coordination for import shipments.
  • Destination Inspection Service - for information on destination inspections for buyers of shipped produce regarding the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Pre-Market Application Submissions Office (PASO) – for information about services and activities related to reviewing and processing applications for products requiring a CFIA pre-market approval (fertilizers and supplements, Plant Breeders' Rights, livestock feeds, veterinary biologics, crop varieties subject to registration, and plants with novel traits).
  • Complaints and Appeals when you have a compliment, complaint or appeal.
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