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The CFIA is responsible for regulating the safety and quality of food, animal and plant health in Canada. CFIA's official Guidance Documents provide the Agency's functional direction to its front line staff regarding their compliance verification activities. They also provide guidance to regulated parties regarding program requirements.

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Document Name Activities Date modified Type
New Rules for Seed Blends Used to Control Crop Pests Grading, Industry Advisories, Labelling and Composition 2014-02-04 HTML
Regulatory Changes Affecting Pedigreed Seed of Corn Grading, Industry Advisories, Labelling and Composition 2012-03-23 HTML
Seed Importations and US Residents Accredited as Seed Graders Grading, Imports 2014-07-21 HTML
Requirements Related to Germination Standards Grading, Standards, Testing 2013-03-24 HTML
Notice to Seed Graders - Assigning a Pedigreed Grade Name to a Seed Lot of a Large-Seeded Crop Kind with Visually Distinguishable Varietal Impurities Grading 2014-07-10 HTML
Guide to the Evaluation of Candidate Seed Graders and Seed Import Conformity Assessors Grading 2017-01-25 HTML
Seed Grading When There Are Multiple Test Results for the Same Seed Lot Grading, Testing 2013-10-22 HTML
Notice to Registered Seed Establishments, November 2017 Grading, Industry Advisories, Labelling and Composition, Testing 2018-01-05 HTML
Monitoring of Seed Mixtures – Application of a 20% Tolerance to Labelled Percentages and to Some Standards Grading, Industry Advisories, Testing 2013-10-23 HTML
Information for seed growers – Requirements for CFIA seed crop inspections 2017 Grading, Industry Advisories, Labelling and Composition, Testing 2017-08-31 HTML
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