Submission Preparation Training - Guide to Submitting Applications for Registration under the Fertilizers Act
2. File Types

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Research Authorizations (RA):

Purpose: Required prior to the environmental release of all novel supplements. RAs ensure the safe release of the supplement, prescribe confinement conditions, protective equipment, and crop disposal methods.

Novel supplements that have not been previously assessed, are GM, or may present a risk/unknown to human health or the environment
Poses negligible risk to plant, animal, human health and the environment, and non-genetically modified (GM)
Renewals of past authorizations
Request for waiver (confined trials i.e. growth chamber, greenhouse)

Applications for Registration:

Purpose: Required for some fertilizers and supplements prior to importation or sale.

New Registration: NR No Data & NR Data

Re-Registration: RR No Data & RR Data

Me-Too: NR-Me-Too

Amendments: MA (minor) & AM (major)

minor: name/address of registrant/manufacturer; product name/brand; colour/format of label

major: any other change

Example: Registration Number: 2015020A Fertilizers Act

A: Supplement; B: Micronutrient; C: Fertilizer -Pesticide; D: Farm Fertilizer

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