Submission Preparation Training - Guide to Submitting Applications for Registration under the Fertilizers Act
7. Do's and Don'ts of Submission Packages

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  1. Familiarize yourself with the registration requirements PRIOR to submitting an application
  2. Structure your submission in accordance with the Tab format
  3. Make sure all documentation is in place and accurate (application form that matches the label, signing authority etc.)
  4. Use scientific literature or experimental data to support your safety rationales
  5. Use accredited laboratories to conduct the analysis
  6. List references used
  7. Respond to CFIA questions fully and within the specified time frame and provide as much detail as possible
  8. Consult and obtain advice from scientific professionals (e.g., toxicologists, microbiologists)


  1. Apply for registration before researching the regulatory requirements
  2. Submit documentation for registration piecemeal, in no particular order or structure
  3. Submit an application form that is partially filled out or does not align with information on the label
  4. Use anecdotal evidence; testimonials or personal experience (i.e. using it on my lawn) in support of your product safety
  5. Fail to conduct appropriate analysis or implement appropriate QA/QC procedures to substantiate consistency in production and purity of the final product
  6. Use poor quality input materials
  7. Respond to some but not all CFIA questions, provide partial answers with no detail and with a delay
  8. Attempt to address technical questions without having the expertise in house
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