Canadian Heat Treatment Wood Products Certification Program (HT Program)

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The Canadian Heat Treated Wood Products Certification Program (HT Program) is an official certification system for the export of wood products to countries requiring heat treatment prior to entry, including member countries of the European Union, Mexico and the Republic of Korea. The HT program is also the basis of the manufacture of certified wood packaging in accordance with ISPM 15 Regulation of wood packaging material in international trade.

Policies and Manuals

National plant protection organizations seeking information on certified facilities may contact the CFIA by email to to obtain the most recent information.

Alternative Service Delivery Organizations

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency uses alternative service delivery in the supervision of the HT program. Facilities wishing to participate on the HT program should contact one of the organizations listed below for further information.

Heat Treatment Certificates

Contact your HT Program service provider for further information or to obtain copies of the following Heat Treatment Certificates.

  • Heat Treatment Certificate Using Kiln Facility for the EU
  • Heat Treatment Certificate for Countries other than the EU
  • Domestic Heat Treatment Certificate
  • Heat Treatment-Kiln Dried Certificate for Mexico
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