Producer Guide to the National Voluntary Farm-Level Biosecurity Standard for the Grains and Oilseeds Industry - A Guide for Implementing Proactive Biosecurity into Farm Management
Appendix F: Acknowledgements

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Advisory and Technical Committees

  • Chuck Fossay - Keystone Agricultural Producers
  • Dale Adolphe - Canadian Seed Growers Association
  • Mike Ammeter - Alberta Barley Commission
  • Humphrey Banack - Wild Rose Agricultural Producers
  • Garnet Berge - BC Grain Producers Association
  • Theresa Bergsma - Manitoba Corn Growers / Grain Growers of Canada
  • Dr. Jenn Walker - Alberta Pulse Growers
  • Marlene Caskey - Canadian Canola Growers Association
  • Michael Delaney - Atlantic Grains Council
  • Kenton Possberg - Western Canadian Wheat Growers
  • Todd Lewis - Canadian Federation of Agriculture/ Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan
  • Lee Moats - Saskatchewan Pulse Growers
  • Scott Persall - Grain Farmers of Ontario
  • Janis Arnold - Excel Grains Canada (Canada Grains Council)
  • Doug Robertson - Western Barley Growers
  • Lorne Floyd - Prairie Oat Growers Association
  • William Van Tassel - Fédération des producteurs de cultures commerciales du Québec
  • Salah Zoghlami- Fédération des producteurs de cultures commerciales du Québec
  • Jim Wilson - Canada Grains Council
  • Blaine Timlick - Canadian Grain Commission
  • Hugh Berges - Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Sophia Boivin - Le ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec
  • Bruce Brolley - Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives
  • Jim Broatch - Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry
  • Sergei Obolenski - Market and Industry Services Branch – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


  • Brian Lemon
  • Dr. Kanwal Kochhar
  • Brian Rex
  • Dr. Rajesh Ramarathnam
  • Office of Animal Biosecurity
  • Public Affairs
  • Animal Health Directorate Communications


  • Scott Wolfe Management Inc.
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