Greenhouse Vegetable Sector Biosecurity Guide
Appendix 5: Example of a Trailer Condition Report

Example of a Trailer Condition ReportFootnote 7

Picture - Example of a Trailer Condition Report. Description follows.
Description for photo - Example of a Trailer Condition Report

The Trailer Condition Report has three sections. The first section at the top of the page provides blank lines to record the employee name, carrier, date, driver, trailer temperature in Fahrenheit, trailer number, shipping order number, product order number and seal number.

The second section is a table with three columns. The first column provides a list of eight inspection items. For each inspection item, there is a blank space indicating that the user can write a corrective action if required. The second column is titled Yes and the third is titled No, to allow the user to check off whether or not each inspection item has been complied with. The following are the eight inspection items in the first column:

  1. Trailer interior is clean, dry, pest free and odor free/minimum 1 load bar present.
  2. Trailer is pre-cooled to desired temperature (trailer temperature recorded above).
  3. Refrigeration unit in operation (continuous mode).
  4. Floor drain holes are open and free of obstruction.
  5. Interior walls and floor are in good repair.
  6. Air chute is in good repair and properly attached to ceiling.
  7. Front bulkhead is firmly attached against bulkhead and clear of debris.
  8. Doors are in good repair and secure.

At the bottom of the page is the third section, composed of two boxes side by side. The box on the left states: Driver needs to sign only if (in bold capital letters) any inspection items do not meet the requirements. The box on the right states "Driver's name" and "Driver's signature", with a blank line provided for each for the user to write the driver's name and signature.

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