Nursery Sector Biosecurity Guide
Appendix 5: Example of Traceability Information and Documents

Example of Traceability Information and DocumentsFootnote 19

Clean Plants Standard Quick Reference

Review this table to ensure all required information was entered into the Nursery Manual. For a comprehensive list of requirements, consult the document Clean Plants Standard.

Example of Traceability Information and Documents.  Description follows.
Description for photo - Example of Traceability Information and Documents.

At the top of the table is a row with title of the table. The text in the row states: Part C Plant Identity and Certification Status. Below this row are two columns. From left to right the first column has a heading that states: Manual Requirement. The second column has a heading that states: Relevant Clean Plants Standard Sections. Under these headings are four rows with text. These rows list the manual requirement in the first column and the relevant Clean Plants Standard Sections in the second. From top to bottom, stating the manual requirement first, the text in the four rows states the following:

Plant identity – Section 3.2.3, "Plant identification records must be maintained to genus, species and cultivar to facilitate the trace forward or trace back of all plants on the nursery, regardless of their source."

Plant traceability – Section 3.2.2, "The nursery must be able to document plant movement from origin or a specific period of time through the production in the nursery and out to the purchaser or next grower. The nursery should document growing locations within the nursery. The level of detail of the growing location that the nursery provides is the nursery's prerogative. However, when a serious pest is discovered, the more distinctly a location can be identified, the less regulatory action may result."

Time period required to Clean Plants Certification – Section 3.4, "All plants will be considered certified if they: are received as certified stock from CNCP or Clean Plants certified Canadian suppliers, or have been received accompanied by a Phytosanitary Certificate from the country of origin.", "Plants with a non-certified status will become 'Clean Plants' certified after meeting the following criteria: the plants are on site for a minimum of 30 days, and, the plants are inspected within the 30 days as per nursery protocol and a follow-up action is implemented when a pest problem is detected."

Records and documents – Section 3.7, "Records that track the identity of plant and provide information for trace back and trace forward searches must be kept for seven (7) years. Other records that are required must be maintained for a minimum of three (3) years."

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