Nursery Sector Biosecurity Guide
Appendix 6: List of Resources

Documents provided by sector associations

C. buxicola Certification Program – Canadian Nursery Certification Institute (CNCI)

Clean Plants Standard 2.0 version January 2013 – Canadian Nursery Certification Institute (CNCI)

Guide to Nursery and Landscape Production – Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)

Integrated Pest Management: A Framework for Pest Management in Nursery Crop Production – Landscape Ontario (LO)

Nursery Production Guide – British Columbia Landscape and Nursery Association (BCLNA)

P. ramorum Nursery Certification Program – Canadian Nursery Certification Institute (CNCI)

Documents provided by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The National Farm-Level Biosecurity Planning Guide

Canadian Fruit Tree Export Program (CFTEP) for Malus, Pyrus, Chaenomeles, Cydonia and Prunus spp. (Directive D-08-05)

Canadian Growing Media Program, prior approval process and import requirements for plants rooted in approved media (D-96-20)

Canadian Nursery Certification Program (D-04-01)

Phytosanitary requirements to prevent the spread of Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica, in Canada and the United States (D-96-15)

Plant Protection export certification program for grapevine nursery stock, Vitis spp. (D97-06)

For a complete list of plant health directives related to the domestic movement of nursery material, please refer to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.

Documents provided by Federal Government

Organic Production Systems – General Principles and Management Standards – Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

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