Appendix 2: List of Tropical Lumber Species that are Exempted from Treatment

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  1. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) requires the scientific name of a species, i.e. the Latin name, in order to determine if its lumber is admissible into Canada as a tropical lumber.
  2. Only species that have been assessed by Plant Health Risk Assessment Unit(PHRA) of the CFIA are listed. Non-listed species are considered non-tropical until assessed by CFIA.
  3. Only the lumber, i.e. sawn wood without bark, of species having a "Tropical" status (an X in column 2) is exempt from treatment.
  4. The status a species, tropical or non-tropical, may change following successive assessments. Current status is determined by the X entry in column 2 or 3.
  5. The species listed hereunder may also be regulated by the Convention in Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) administered by the Canadian Wildlife Services of Environment Canada (as per comments in column 4).

An § indicates that this is a new addition to this list

List of Tropical Lumber Species that are Exempted from Treatment
Species Name Tropical Not Tropical Comments
Acacia acuminata n/a X n/a
Acacia adansonii n/a X n/a
Acacia aneura n/a X n/a
Acacia angico n/a X n/a
Acacia arabica n/a X n/a
Acacia bahamensis n/a X n/a
Acacia benthamii n/a X n/a
Acacia burkitii n/a X n/a
Acacia cambagei n/a X n/a
Acacia cebil n/a X n/a
Acacia coriacea n/a X n/a
Acacia daintreeana n/a X n/a
Acacia excelsa n/a X n/a
Acacia flava X n/a n/a
Acacia guachapele X n/a n/a
Acacia harpophylla n/a X n/a
Acacia heterophylla var. latifolia n/a X n/a
Acacia homalophylla n/a X n/a
Acacia kauaiensis n/a X n/a
Acacia koa n/a X n/a
Acacia latisiliqua n/a X n/a
Acacia lebbeck n/a X n/a
Acacia leucophylla n/a X n/a
Acacia macrophylla n/a X n/a
Acacia mangium X n/a n/a
Acacia melanoxylon n/a X n/a
Acacia microsperma n/a X n/a
Acacia nilotica n/a X n/a
Acacia omalophylla n/a X n/a
Acacia papyrocarpa n/a X n/a
Acacia pendula n/a X n/a
Acacia psilostachya X n/a n/a
Acacia salicina n/a X n/a
Acacia salix-tristis n/a X n/a
Acacia scorpioides n/a X n/a
Acacia sericophylla n/a X n/a
Acacia shirleyi n/a X n/a
Acacia sowdenii n/a X n/a
Acacia subalata n/a X n/a
Acacia tephrina n/a X n/a
Acacia varians n/a X n/a
Acacia vera n/a X n/a
Acacia xiphophylla n/a X n/a
Achantia altissima X n/a n/a
Achradelpha mammosa n/a X n/a
Achras mammosa n/a X n/a
Achras zapota n/a X n/a
Achras zapotilla n/a X n/a
Acinodendron trichotomum X n/a n/a
Ackama australiensis X n/a n/a
Acosmium panamense X n/a n/a
Actinostrobus acuminatus n/a X n/a
Actinostrobus arenarius n/a X n/a
Actinostrobus pyramidalis n/a X n/a
Aextoxicon punctatum n/a X n/a
§ Afzelia africana X n/a n/a
Afzelia attenuata n/a X n/a
§ Afzelia bipindensis X n/a n/a
§ Afzelia pachyloba X n/a n/a
Afzelia quanzensis n/a X n/a
Agathis australis n/a X n/a
Agathis borneensis X n/a n/a
Agathis macrophylla X n/a n/a
Agathis microstachya X n/a n/a
Agathis vitensis X n/a n/a
Albizia coriaria X n/a n/a
Albizia guachapele X n/a n/a
Albizia lebbeck n/a X n/a
Albizia longipedata X n/a n/a
Albizzia procera n/a X n/a
Alectryon oleifolius n/a X n/a
Alexa imperatricis X n/a n/a
Alexandra imperatricis X n/a n/a
Allocasuarina decussata n/a X n/a
Allocasuarina fraseriana n/a X n/a
Alsodeia paniculata X n/a n/a
Alstonia boonei X n/a n/a
Alstonia congensis X n/a n/a
Alstonia costulata X n/a n/a
Alstonia polyphylla X n/a n/a
Amanoa caribaea X n/a n/a
Amapa guianensis X n/a n/a
Amburana cearensis X n/a n/a
Amburana claudii X n/a n/a
Amerimnon pinnatum X n/a n/a
Amphimas pterocarpoides X n/a n/a
Anadenanthera colubrina n/a X n/a
Anadenanthera colubrina var. cebil n/a X n/a
Anadenanthera macrocarpa n/a X n/a
Andira amazonum X n/a n/a
Andira bracteosa X n/a n/a
Androstachys johnsonii X n/a n/a
Aningueria spp. X n/a n/a
Anisoptera spp. X n/a n/a
Anopyxis klaineana X n/a n/a
Anthonotha fragrans X n/a n/a
Antiaris africana X n/a n/a
Apeiba aspera X n/a n/a
Aphanocalyx heitzii X n/a n/a
Apuleia leiocarpa n/a X n/a
Araucaria heterophylla n/a X n/a
Aristoclesia esculenta X n/a n/a
Aspalathus ebenus X n/a n/a
Aspidosperma curranii X n/a n/a
Aspidosperma excelsum X n/a n/a
Aspidosperma peroba n/a X n/a
Aspidosperma polyneuron n/a X n/a
Aspidosperma quebracho n/a X n/a
Aspidosperma sandwithianum X n/a n/a
Aspidosperma tomentosum n/a X n/a
Astronium fraxinifolium n/a X n/a
Astronium gracile n/a X n/a
Astronium graveolens X n/a n/a
Astronium lecointei X n/a n/a
Astronium macrocalyx X n/a n/a
Atalaya hemiglauca n/a X n/a
Aucoumea klaineana X n/a n/a
Austrocedrus chilensis n/a X n/a
Autranella congolensis X n/a n/a
Aydendron cannella X n/a n/a
Bagassa guianensis X n/a n/a
Bagassa tiliaefolia X n/a n/a
Baikiaea plurijuga X n/a n/a
Baillonella heckelii X n/a n/a
Baillonella toxisperma X n/a n/a
Balfourodendron riedelianum n/a X n/a
Banksia grandis n/a X n/a
Banksia seminuda n/a X n/a
Bassia djave X n/a n/a
Belis lanceolata n/a X n/a
Berchemia zeyheri n/a X n/a
Berlinia acuminata X n/a n/a
Berlinia confusa X n/a n/a
Berlinia ledermannii X n/a n/a
Bertholletia excelsa X n/a n/a
Betchea australiensis X n/a n/a
Bignonia heptaphylla n/a X n/a
Bignonia longissima X n/a n/a
Bignonia serratifolia n/a X n/a
Bombacopsis quinata X n/a n/a
Bombax aquaticum n/a X n/a
Bombax buonopozense X n/a n/a
Bombax macrocarpum n/a X n/a
Bombax pyramidale n/a X n/a
Bombax quinatum X n/a n/a
Bontia mitchellii n/a X n/a
Borassus flabellifer n/a X n/a
Bowdichia guianensis X n/a n/a
Bowdichia nitida X n/a n/a
Bowdichia virgilioides X n/a n/a
Brachylaena hutchinsii X n/a n/a
Brachystegia cynometroides n/a X n/a
Brachystegia leonensis X n/a n/a
Brasilettia blasiana n/a X n/a
Breonadia microcephala n/a X n/a
Brosimum acutifolium X n/a n/a
Brosimum alicastrum X n/a n/a
Brosimum aubletii X n/a n/a
Brosimum guianense X n/a n/a
Brosimum paraense X n/a n/a
Brosimum rubescens X n/a n/a
Brosimum utile X n/a n/a
Brya ebenus X n/a n/a
Bucida buceras n/a X n/a
Bursera graveolens X n/a n/a
Bursera simaruba n/a X n/a
Byrsonima martinicensis X n/a n/a
Byrsonima trinitensis X n/a n/a
Cadellia pentastylis n/a X n/a
Caesalpinia blasiana n/a X n/a
Caesalpinia echinata X n/a n/a
Caesalpinia ferrea n/a X n/a
Caesalpinia platyloba n/a X n/a
Caesalpinia sclerocarpa n/a X n/a
Caldcluvia australiensis X n/a n/a
Callitris glauca n/a X n/a
Callitris glaucophylla n/a X n/a
Callitris huegelii n/a X n/a
Callitris rhomboidea n/a X n/a
Calocarpum mammosum n/a X n/a
§ Calophyllum antillanum n/a X n/a
Calophyllum brasiliense n/a X n/a
Calophyllum inophyllum n/a X n/a
Calophyllum neo-ebudicum X n/a n/a
Calophyllum vitiense X n/a n/a
Calycophyllum candidissimum X n/a n/a
Calycophyllum multiflorum n/a X n/a
Calycophyllum spruceanum X n/a n/a
Campnosperma panamense X n/a n/a
Campnosperma panamensis X n/a n/a
Cananga caribaea X n/a n/a
Canarium schweinfurthii X n/a n/a
Canarium vanikoroense X n/a n/a
Canarium vitiense n/a X n/a
Carapa guianensis X n/a n/a
Carapa latifolia X n/a n/a
Carapa macrocarpa X n/a n/a
Carapa nicaraguensis X n/a n/a
Carapa procera X n/a n/a
Carapa slateri X n/a n/a
Carapa surinamensis X n/a n/a
Carapa touloucouna X n/a n/a
Cardwellia sublimis X n/a n/a
Cariniana clavata X n/a n/a
Cariniana exigua X n/a n/a
Cariniana pyriformis X n/a n/a
Carolinea macrocarpa n/a X n/a
Caryocar villosum X n/a n/a
Cassia parahyba n/a X n/a
Cassia siamea n/a X n/a
Castanospermum australe n/a X n/a
Castilla costaricana n/a X n/a
Castilla elastica n/a X n/a
Castilla lactiflua n/a X n/a
Castilla nicoyensis n/a X n/a
Castilla panamensis n/a X n/a
Casuarina cambagei n/a X n/a
Casuarina cristata n/a X n/a
Casuarina decussata n/a X n/a
Casuarina fraseriana n/a X n/a
Casuarina lepidophloia n/a X n/a
Casuarina pauper n/a X n/a
Catalpa longissima X n/a n/a
Catostemma fragrans X n/a n/a
Cavanillea philippensis X n/a n/a
Cecropia antillarum X n/a n/a
Cecropia peltata n/a X n/a
Cecropia schreberiana X n/a n/a
Cedrela fissilis n/a X n/a
Cedrela glaziovii n/a X CITES
Cedrela mexicana n/a X CITES
Cedrela odorata n/a X CITES
Cedrela sinensis n/a X n/a
Cedrela toona n/a X n/a
Cedrela velutina n/a X n/a
Cedrelinga catenaeformis X n/a n/a
Cedrelinga cateniformis X n/a n/a
Cedrus brevifolia n/a X n/a
Cedrus libanensis n/a X n/a
Cedrus libani n/a X n/a
Cedrus libanitica subsp. stenocoma n/a X n/a
Cedrus libanotica n/a X n/a
Ceiba pentandra n/a X n/a
Celtis franksiae n/a X n/a
Celtis guineensis n/a X n/a
Celtis mildbraedii n/a X n/a
Celtis orientalis n/a X n/a
Celtis soyauxii n/a X n/a
Celtis usambarensis n/a X n/a
Celtis zenkeri X n/a n/a
Centrolobium spp. X n/a n/a
Ceratopetalum succirubrum X n/a n/a
Chaemacyparis thyoides n/a X n/a
Chimarrhis hookeri X n/a n/a
Chlorocardium rodiei X n/a n/a
Chlorocardium venenosum X n/a n/a
Chloroleucon tortum X n/a n/a
Chlorophora excelsa X n/a n/a
Chlorophora regia X n/a n/a
Chlorophora tinctoria n/a X n/a
Chloroxylon swietenia X n/a n/a
Chuncoa amazonia X n/a n/a
Cinnamomum camphora n/a X n/a
Cinnamomum oliveri n/a X n/a
Cinnamomum virens n/a X n/a
Cistanthera papaverifera X n/a n/a
Citrus acida n/a X n/a
Citrus amara n/a X n/a
Citrus aurantiifolia n/a X n/a
Citrus aurantium n/a X n/a
Citrus bigarradia n/a X n/a
Citrus lima n/a X n/a
Citrus vulgaris n/a X n/a
Clathrotropis brachypetala X n/a n/a
Clathrotropis macrocarpa X n/a n/a
Cocos nucifera n/a X n/a
Colophospermum mopane n/a X n/a
Combretodendron macrocarpum X n/a n/a
Combretum imberbe n/a X n/a
Combretum macrocarpum X n/a n/a
Copaiba arnoldiana X n/a n/a
Copaiba hymenaeifolia n/a X n/a
Copaifera arnoldiana X n/a n/a
Copaifera aromatica X n/a n/a
Copaifera chodatiana n/a X n/a
Copaifera demeusei X n/a n/a
Copaifera ehie X n/a n/a
Copaifera hymenaeifolia n/a X n/a
Copaifera langsdorffii n/a X n/a
Copaifera officinalis X n/a n/a
Copaifera palustris X n/a n/a
Copaifera salikounda X n/a n/a
Copaifera tessmannii X n/a n/a
Cordia abyssinica n/a X n/a
Cordia africana n/a X n/a
§ Cordia elaeagnoides X n/a n/a
Cordia holstii n/a X n/a
Cordyline terminalis X n/a n/a
Cornus controversa n/a X n/a
Corymbia calophylla n/a X n/a
Corymbia maculata n/a X n/a
Corynanthe spp. X n/a n/a
Cosmocalyx spectabilis n/a X n/a
Couma macrocarpa X n/a n/a
Coumarouna micrantha X n/a n/a
Coumarouna panamensis X n/a CITES
Coumarouna punctata X n/a n/a
Coumarouna trifoliolata X n/a n/a
Couratari spp. X n/a n/a
Cryptocarya camphorata n/a X n/a
Cryptocarya glaucescens n/a X n/a
Cryptomeria fortunei n/a X n/a
Cryptomeria japonica n/a X n/a
Cunninghamia lanceolata n/a X n/a
Cunninghamia konishii n/a X n/a
Cupressus japonica n/a X n/a
Cyanothyrsus ogea X n/a n/a
Cybistax donnell-smithii n/a X n/a
Cylicodiscus gabunensis X n/a n/a
Cymbosepalum baronii n/a X n/a
Cynometra ananta X n/a n/a
Dacridium nausoriense X n/a n/a
Dacrydium cupressinum n/a X n/a
Dacrydium franklinii n/a X n/a
Dacrydium nidulum X n/a n/a
Dacryodes excelsa X n/a n/a
§ Dalbergia emarginata n/a X n/a
Dalbergia latifolia n/a X n/a
Dammara australis n/a X n/a
Daniellia ogea X n/a n/a
Daniellia thurifera X n/a n/a
Decussocarpus vitiensis X n/a n/a
Dendrocalamus asper n/a X n/a
Detarium heudelotianum X n/a n/a
Detarium senegalense X n/a n/a
Dialium guianense X n/a n/a
Dialyanthera spp. X n/a under review
Dibrachion guianense X n/a n/a
Dicorynia guianensis X n/a n/a
Dicorynia paraensis X n/a n/a
Didelotia africana X n/a n/a
Didymopanax morototoni n/a X n/a
Dimorpha falcata X n/a n/a
Dimorphandra excelsa X n/a n/a
Dimorphandra gonggrijpii X n/a n/a
Dimorphandra mora X n/a n/a
Dinizia excelsa X n/a n/a
Diospyros celebica X n/a n/a
Diospyros crassiflora X n/a n/a
Diospyros discolor X n/a n/a
Diospyros ebenum n/a X n/a
Diospyros embryopteris n/a X n/a
Diospyros ferrea X n/a under review
Diospyros macassar X n/a n/a
Diospyros mespiliformis n/a X n/a
Diospyros mun X n/a n/a
Diospyros peregrina n/a X n/a
Diospyros perrieri X n/a n/a
Diospyros philippensis X n/a n/a
Diospyros rumphii X n/a n/a
Diospyros sabiensis n/a X n/a
Diospyros senegalensis n/a X n/a
Diospyros utilis X n/a n/a
Diplotropis guianensis X n/a n/a
Diplotropis purpurea X n/a n/a
Dipterocarpus spp. X n/a under review
Dipteryx micrantha X n/a n/a
Dipteryx odorata X n/a n/a
Dipteryx oleifera X n/a CITES
Dipteryx panamensis X n/a CITES
Dipteryx punctata X n/a n/a
Dipteryx trifoliolata X n/a n/a
Distemonanthus benthamianus X n/a n/a
Dodonaea angustifolia n/a X n/a
Dodonaea viscosa var. angustifolia n/a X n/a
Dracaena terminalis X n/a n/a
Dracontomelon dao n/a X n/a
Dracontomelon edule n/a X n/a
Dracontomelon mangiferum n/a X n/a
Dracontomelon puberulum n/a X n/a
Dracontomelon sylvestre n/a X n/a
Drimys winteri n/a X n/a
Dryobalanops spp. X n/a under review
Dumoria heckelii X n/a n/a
Durio spp. X n/a n/a
Dyera costulata X n/a n/a
Dyera laxiflora X n/a n/a
Dyera lowii X n/a n/a
Dyera polyphylla X n/a n/a
Elaeis guineensis n/a X n/a
Elaeis guineensis var. madagascariensis n/a X n/a
Elaeis madagascariensis n/a X n/a
Elaeis melanococca n/a X n/a
Elaeodendron maculosum n/a X n/a
Elaphrium graveolens X n/a n/a
Elaphrium simaruba n/a X n/a
Elmerillia papuana X n/a n/a
Embuia n/a X n/a
Endiandra palmerstonii n/a X n/a
Endlicheria grandis X n/a n/a
Endlicheria sericea X n/a n/a
Endospermum macrophyllum X n/a n/a
Entandrophragma angolense X n/a n/a
Entandrophragma candollei X n/a n/a
Entandrophragma congoense X n/a n/a
Entandrophragma cylindricum X n/a n/a
Entandrophragma excelsum X n/a n/a
Entandrophragma utile X n/a n/a
Enterolobium cyclocarpum X n/a n/a
Enterolobium schomburgkii X n/a n/a
Eperua falcata X n/a n/a
Eremophila mitchellii n/a X n/a
Eribroma oblonga X n/a n/a
Erica arborea n/a X n/a
Erisma pulverulentum X n/a n/a
Erisma uncinatum X n/a n/a
Erythrina abyssinica X n/a n/a
Erythrina caffra n/a X n/a
Erythrina corallodendron n/a X n/a
Erythrina crista-galli n/a X n/a
Erythrina indica n/a X n/a
Erythrina piscipula n/a X n/a
Erythrina variegata n/a X n/a
Erythrina vespertilio n/a X n/a
Erythrophleum ivorense X n/a n/a
Erythrophleum suaveolens X n/a n/a
Erythroxylum areolatum X n/a n/a
Eschweilera laevifolia X n/a n/a
Eschweilera subglandulosa X n/a n/a
Eucalyptus andrewsii n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus astringens n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus bicostata n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus botryoides n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus calophylla n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus camaldulensis n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus clelandii n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus coolabah n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus deglupta n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus delegatensis n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus diversicolor n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus dumosa n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus dundasii n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus fibrosa n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus flocktoniae n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus gigantea n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus globulus n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus gomphocephala n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus grandis n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus guilfoylei n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus gunnii n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus intertexta n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus lesouefii n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus longicornis n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus longirostris n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus loxophleba n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus maculata n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus maidenii n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus marginata n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus melanoxylon n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus melliodora n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus microtheca n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus multiflora n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus nitens n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus nubila n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus obliqua n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus patens n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus pilularis n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus populifolia n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus populnea n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus pseudoglobulus n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus regnans n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus rostrata n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus rudis n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus saint-johnii n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus salicola n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus saligna n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus salmonophloia n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus salubris n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus transcontinentalis n/a X n/a
Eucalyptus urophylla X n/a n/a
Eucarya spicata n/a X n/a
Eucommia ulmoides n/a X n/a
Eucryphia cordifolia n/a X n/a
Euphorbia pinnata X n/a n/a
Euplassa pinnata X n/a n/a
Euxlophora paraensis X n/a n/a
Fagara heitzii X n/a n/a
Fagara macrophylla X n/a n/a
Fagraea gracilipes X n/a n/a
Fagus moesiaca n/a X n/a
Fagus orientalis n/a X n/a
Fagus pumilio n/a X n/a
Fagus sylvatica n/a X n/a
Faramea occidentalis X n/a n/a
Feuilleea incurialis n/a X n/a
Feuilleea lebbeck n/a X n/a
Fitzroya cupressoides n/a X n/a
Flindersia bourjotiana X n/a n/a
Flindersia brayleyana n/a X n/a
Flindersia laevicarpa X n/a n/a
Flindersia maculosa n/a X n/a
Flindersia pimenteliana X n/a n/a
Flindersia schottiana n/a X n/a
Fothergilla guianensis X n/a n/a
Fothergilla mirabilis X n/a n/a
Fusanus spicatus n/a X n/a
Gambeya lacourtiana X n/a n/a
Ganophyllum giganteum X n/a n/a
Garcinia myrtifolia X n/a n/a
Garretia anthotheca X n/a n/a
Geijera parviflora n/a X n/a
Geissospermum sericeum X n/a n/a
Genipa americana X n/a n/a
Gilbertiodendron dewevrei X n/a n/a
Gluta elegans X n/a n/a
Gluta papuana X n/a n/a
Gmelina arborea n/a X n/a
Gmelina vitiensis X n/a n/a
Gonystylus spp. X n/a under review
Gossweilerodendron balsamiferum X n/a n/a
Goupia glabra X n/a n/a
Goupia paraensis X n/a n/a
Granatum guianense X n/a n/a
Granatum nicaraguense X n/a n/a
Granatum surinamensis X n/a n/a
Grevillea robusta n/a X n/a
Grevillea striata n/a X n/a
Guaiacum bijugum n/a X n/a
Guaiacum guatemalense n/a X n/a
Guaiacum multijugum n/a X n/a
Guaiacum officinale n/a X n/a
Guaiacum sanctum n/a X n/a
Guaiacum sloanei n/a X n/a
Guaiacum verticale n/a X n/a
Guajacum officinale n/a X n/a
Guajacum sanctum n/a X n/a
Guarea cedrata X n/a n/a
Guarea mucronulata X n/a n/a
Guarea spp. X n/a under review
Guarea thompsonii X n/a n/a
Guatteria caribaea X n/a n/a
Guazuma ulmifolia n/a X n/a
Guibourtia arnoldiana X n/a n/a
Guibourtia chodatiana n/a X n/a
Guibourtia demeusei X n/a n/a
Guibourtia ehie X n/a n/a
Guibourtia hymenaefolia n/a X n/a
Guibourtia tessmannii X n/a n/a
Guilandina echinata n/a X n/a
Haematoxylon campechianum n/a X n/a
Haematoxylum campechianum n/a X n/a
Hallea stipulosa X n/a n/a
Hampea appendiculata X n/a n/a
Hannoa klaineana X n/a n/a
Heritiera spp. X n/a under review
Heritiera utilis X n/a n/a
Heterodendrum oleifolium n/a X n/a
Heterodendrum oleifolium n/a X n/a
Hevea brasiliensis n/a X n/a
Hibiscus populneus n/a X n/a
Hieronyma alchorneoides n/a X n/a
Hieronyma chocoensis n/a X n/a
Hippomane glandulosa n/a X n/a
Holoptelea grandis X n/a n/a
Hopea iriana X n/a n/a
Hopea papuana X n/a n/a
Humiria balsamifera X n/a n/a
Hura crepitans X n/a n/a
Hyeronima alchorneoides n/a X n/a
Hyeronima chocoensis n/a X n/a
Hyeronima laxiflora X n/a n/a
Hymenaea courbaril X n/a n/a
Hymenaea davisii X n/a n/a
Hymenaea oblongifolia X n/a n/a
Hymenolobium spp. X n/a n/a
Ichthyomethia acuminata X n/a n/a
Ichthyomethia americana X n/a n/a
Ichthyomethia piscipula n/a X n/a
Ichthyomethia piscipula var. acuminata X n/a n/a
Inga dulcis n/a X n/a
Inga ingoides X n/a n/a
Inga pubescens X n/a n/a
§ Intsia africana X n/a n/a
Intsia bakeri X n/a n/a
Intsia bijuga n/a X n/a
Intsia palembanica X n/a n/a
Intsia quanzensis n/a X n/a
Intsia retusa X n/a n/a
Irina tomentosa X n/a n/a
Ixora occidentalis X n/a n/a
Jacaranda copaia n/a X n/a
Jacaranda mimosifolia n/a X n/a
Juglans columbiensis n/a X n/a
Juglans duclouxiana n/a X n/a
Juglans fallax n/a X n/a
Juglans honorei n/a X n/a
Juglans kamaonica n/a X n/a
Juglans neotropica n/a X n/a
Juglans nigra n/a X n/a
Juglans orientalis n/a X n/a
Juglans regia n/a X n/a
Juglans sinensis n/a X n/a
Julbernardia ogoouensis X n/a n/a
Julbernardia pellegriniana X n/a n/a
Julbernardia seretii X n/a n/a
Juniperus bermudiana n/a X n/a
Khaya anthotheca X n/a n/a
Khaya grandifoliola X n/a n/a
Khaya ivorensis X n/a n/a
Khaya nyasica X n/a n/a
Khaya senegalensis X n/a n/a
Koompassia malaccensis X n/a n/a
Koompassia excelsa X n/a n/a
Lagerstroemia indica n/a X n/a
Lannea welwitschii X n/a n/a
Laurelia philippiana n/a X n/a
Laurelia sempervirens n/a X n/a
Laurus aestivalis n/a X n/a
Laurus leucoxylon n/a X n/a
Laurus persea n/a X n/a
Laurus reticulata n/a X n/a
Lecythis couratari X n/a n/a
Lecythis davisii X n/a n/a
Lecythis laevifolia X n/a n/a
Lecythis subglandulosa X n/a n/a
Lecythis zabucaja X n/a n/a
Leucaena latisiliqua n/a X n/a
Leucochloron incuriale n/a X n/a
Libidibia sclerocarpa n/a X n/a
Libocedrus chilensis n/a X n/a
Licania benthamii X n/a n/a
Licania biglandulosa X n/a n/a
Licania costata X n/a n/a
Licania glabra X n/a n/a
Licania heteromorpha X n/a n/a
Licania macrophylla X n/a n/a
Licania prismatocarpa X n/a n/a
Licania sparsipilis X n/a n/a
Licania subcordata X n/a n/a
Licania ternatensis X n/a n/a
Licaria cannella X n/a n/a
Lingoum santalinum n/a X CITES
Limonia aurantiifolia n/a X n/a
Lonchocarpus castilloi X n/a n/a
Lonchocarpus guaricensis X n/a n/a
Lophira alata X n/a n/a
Lophira procera X n/a n/a
Lophostemon confertus n/a X n/a
Lovoa trichilioides X n/a n/a
Loxopterygium lorentzii n/a X n/a
Lucuma campechiana n/a X n/a
Lucuma mammosa n/a X n/a
Lucuma nervosa n/a X n/a
Lucuma rivicoa n/a X n/a
Lucuma salicifolia n/a X n/a
Luehea seemanii X n/a n/a
Lysiloma bahamense n/a X n/a
Lysiloma latisiliquum n/a X n/a
Macarisia klaineana X n/a n/a
Machaerium scleroxylon n/a X n/a
Machaerium tipu n/a X n/a
Machaerium villosum n/a X n/a
Maclura tinctoria n/a X n/a
Macrolobium chrysophylloides X n/a n/a
Macrolobium fragrans X n/a n/a
Macrolobium pendulum X n/a n/a
Macrolobium racemigerum X n/a n/a
Maesopsis eminii X n/a n/a
Mammea africana X n/a n/a
Mangifera indica n/a X n/a
Manilkara achras n/a X n/a
Manilkara bidentata X n/a n/a
Manilkara chicle X n/a n/a
Manilkara huberi X n/a n/a
Manilkara surinamensis X n/a n/a
Manilkara zapota n/a X n/a
Manilkara zapotilla n/a X n/a
Mansonia altissima X n/a n/a
Martiodendron parviflorum X n/a n/a
Martiusia parviflora X n/a n/a
Melanoxylon brauna X n/a n/a
Melastoma trichotomum X n/a n/a
Melia americana n/a X n/a
Melicocca oliviformis X n/a n/a
Metasequoia glyptostroboides n/a X n/a
Metopium browneii X n/a n/a
Mezilaurus Itauba X n/a n/a
Miconia guianensis X n/a n/a
Miconia mirabilis X n/a n/a
Miconia trichotoma X n/a n/a
Microberlinia spp. X n/a n/a
Micropholis melinoniana X n/a n/a
Micropholis mexicana X n/a n/a
Micropholius gardnerianum X n/a n/a
Mildbraediodendron excelsum X n/a n/a
Milicia excelsa X n/a n/a
Milicia regia X n/a n/a
Millettia laurentii X n/a n/a
Millettia stuhlmannii n/a X n/a
Mimosa adstringens n/a X n/a
Mimosa arabica n/a X n/a
Mimosa buceragenia X n/a n/a
Mimosa dulcis n/a X n/a
Mimosa incurialis n/a X n/a
Mimosa ingoides X n/a n/a
Mimosa latisiliqua n/a X n/a
Mimosa lebbeck n/a X n/a
Mimosa nilotica n/a X n/a
Mimosa rosea X n/a n/a
Mimosa scorpioides n/a X n/a
Mimosa sirissa n/a X n/a
Mimosa speciosa n/a X n/a
Mimosa wilsonii X n/a n/a
Mimusops djave X n/a n/a
Mimusops heckelii X n/a n/a
Mimusops huberi X n/a n/a
Mitragyna stipulosa X n/a n/a
Monopetalanthus heitzii X n/a n/a
Mora excelsa X n/a n/a
Mora gonggrijpii X n/a n/a
Moringa spp. n/a X n/a
Moronobea esculenta X n/a n/a
Morus excelsa X n/a n/a
Morus spp. n/a X n/a
Morus tinctoria n/a X n/a
Myristica castaneifolia X n/a n/a
Myristica chartacea X n/a n/a
Myristica fragrans n/a X n/a
Myristica gillespieana X n/a n/a
Myristica officinalis n/a X n/a
Myrocarpus fastigiatus X n/a n/a
Myrocarpus frondosus n/a X n/a
Myrospermum pereirae n/a X n/a
Myroxylon balsamum n/a X n/a
Myroxylon pereirae n/a X n/a
Myrtus dioica n/a X n/a
Myrtus pimenta n/a X n/a
Nageia vitiensis X n/a n/a
Nauclea diderrichii X n/a n/a
Nauclea stipulosa X n/a n/a
Nectandra elaiophora X n/a n/a
Nectandra grandis X n/a n/a
Nectandra mollis n/a X n/a
Nectandra pittieri n/a X n/a
Nectandra reticulata n/a X n/a
Nectandra rodiei X n/a n/a
Nectandra villosa n/a X n/a
Neorites kevediana X n/a n/a
Nephelium oleifolium n/a X n/a
Nesogordonia papaverifera X n/a n/a
Newtonia psilostachya X n/a n/a
Newtonia suaveolens X n/a n/a
Nothofagus betuloides n/a X n/a
Nothofagus cunninghamii n/a X n/a
Nothofagus pumilio n/a X n/a
Ochroma bicolor n/a X n/a
Ochroma concolor n/a X n/a
Ochroma lagopus n/a X n/a
Ochroma obtusum n/a X n/a
Ochroma pyramidale n/a X n/a
Ocotea cymbarum X n/a n/a
Ocotea glomerata X n/a n/a
§ Ocotea infrafoveolata n/a X n/a
Ocotea lenticellata n/a X n/a
Ocotea leucoxylon n/a X n/a
Ocotea mollis n/a X n/a
Ocotea porosa n/a X n/a
Ocotea rodiei X n/a n/a
Ocotea rubra X n/a n/a
Ocotea subsericea n/a X n/a
Ocotea venenosa X n/a n/a
Octomeles moluccana X n/a n/a
Octomeles sumatrana X n/a n/a
Octomeles sumatranum X n/a n/a
Oenocarpus bataua X n/a n/a
Olea africana n/a X n/a
Olea capensis n/a X n/a
Olea chrysophylla n/a X n/a
Olea cuspidata n/a X n/a
Olea europaea n/a X n/a
Olea ferruginea n/a X n/a
Olea maroccana n/a X n/a
Olea oleaster n/a X n/a
Olea sativa var. verrucosa n/a X n/a
Olea sylvestris n/a X n/a
Olea verrucosa n/a X n/a
Olneya tesota n/a X n/a
Oreodaphne glomerata X n/a n/a
Oreodaphne porosa n/a X n/a
Ormosia dasycarpa X n/a n/a
Ormosia macrocalyx n/a X n/a
Ormosia monosperma X n/a n/a
Ormosia nobilis n/a X n/a
Ormosia pacimonensis X n/a n/a
Oxystigma oxyphyllum X n/a n/a
Pachira aquatica n/a X n/a
Pachira macrocarpa n/a X n/a
Pachira quinata X n/a n/a
§ Pahudia africana X n/a n/a
Pahudia attenuata n/a X n/a
§ Pahudia brieyi X n/a n/a
Pahudia quanzensis n/a X n/a
Palaquium spp. X n/a under review
Panax morototoni n/a X n/a
Panzera falcata X n/a n/a
Paraberlinia bifoliolata X n/a n/a
Parahancornia amapa X n/a n/a
Parapiptadenia rigida n/a X n/a
Paraserianthes spp. X n/a under review
Parashorea spp. X n/a under review
Parinari excelsa X n/a n/a
Peltogyne spp. X n/a n/a
Pentaptera tomentosa n/a X n/a
Pericopsis elata X n/a CITES
Persea americana n/a X n/a
Persea drymifolia n/a X n/a
Persea floccosa n/a X n/a
Persea gigantea n/a X n/a
Persea gratissima n/a X n/a
Persea incana n/a X n/a
Persea leiogyna n/a X n/a
Persea lingue n/a X n/a
Persea mollis n/a X n/a
Persea nubigena n/a X n/a
Persea perglauca n/a X n/a
Persea persea n/a X n/a
Persea steyermarkii n/a X n/a
Persea tolimanensis n/a X n/a
Persea zentmyeri n/a X n/a
Persoonia guareoides X n/a n/a
Petersia africana X n/a n/a
Petersianthus macrocarpus X n/a n/a
Phoebe porosa n/a X n/a
Pholidia mitchellii n/a X n/a
Phyllostachys n/a X n/a
Phytelephas macrocarpa X n/a n/a
Pilgerodendron uviferum n/a X n/a
Pimenta dioica n/a X n/a
Pimenta officinalis n/a X n/a
Pimenta pimenta n/a X n/a
Pimenta vulgaris n/a X n/a
Pinus caribaea n/a X n/a
Pinus koraiensis n/a X n/a
Pinus lanceolata n/a X n/a
Pinus radiata n/a X n/a
Piptadenia africana X n/a n/a
Piptadenia cateniformis X n/a n/a
Piptadenia cebil n/a X n/a
Piptadenia flava X n/a n/a
Piptadenia leptocarpa X n/a n/a
Piptadenia macrocarpa n/a X n/a
Piptadenia psilostachya X n/a n/a
Piptadenia rigida n/a X n/a
Piptadenia suaveolens X n/a n/a
Piptadeniastrum africanum X n/a n/a
Piratinera guianensis X n/a n/a
Piscidia acuminata X n/a n/a
Piscidia americana X n/a n/a
Piscidia carthagenensis X n/a n/a
Piscidia communis X n/a n/a
Piscidia erythrina n/a X n/a
Piscidia guaricensis X n/a n/a
Piscidia piscipula n/a X n/a
Pistacia simaruba n/a X n/a
Pithecellobium dulce n/a X n/a
Pithecellobium guaricense X n/a n/a
Pithecellobium incuriale n/a X n/a
Pithecellobium longipedatum X n/a n/a
Pithecellobium martianum n/a X n/a
Pithecellobium pubescens X n/a n/a
Pithecellobium racemosum X n/a n/a
Pithecellobium roseum X n/a n/a
Pithecellobium schomburgkii X n/a n/a
Pithecellobium tortum X n/a n/a
Pityrocarpa flava X n/a n/a
Planchonia papuana X n/a n/a
Platanus hybrida n/a X n/a
Platanus X acerifolia n/a X n/a
Platonia esculenta X n/a n/a
Platonia insignis X n/a n/a
Platymiscium dimorphandrum X n/a n/a
Platymiscium duckei X n/a n/a
Platymiscium paraense X n/a n/a
Platymiscium pinnatum X n/a n/a
Platymiscium polystachyum X n/a n/a
Platymiscium trinitatis X n/a n/a
Platymiscium ulei X n/a n/a
Platymiscium yucatanum X n/a n/a
Podocarpus falcatus n/a X n/a
Podocarpus latifolius n/a X n/a
Poga oleosa X n/a n/a
§ Polylepis incana n/a X n/a
Pometia pinnata X n/a n/a
Pometia tomentosa X n/a n/a
Pouteria campechiana n/a X n/a
Pouteria procera X n/a n/a
Prioria balsamiferum X n/a n/a
Prosopis nigra n/a X n/a
Protium spp. X n/a under review
Pseudocedrela cylindrica X n/a n/a
Pseudocedrela utilis X n/a n/a
Pseudocinchona spp. X n/a under review
Pseudocopaiva chodatiana n/a X n/a
Pseudocopaiva hymenaefolia n/a X n/a
Pseudopiptadenia psilostachya X n/a n/a
Pseudopiptadenia suaveolens X n/a n/a
Pseudosamanea guachapele X n/a n/a
Pseudosindora palustris X n/a n/a
Pterocarpus acapulcensis X n/a n/a
Pterocarpus angolensis n/a X n/a
Pterocarpus dalbergioides n/a X n/a
Pterocarpus dekindtianus n/a X n/a
Pterocarpus erinaceus X n/a n/a
Pterocarpus heterophyllus X n/a n/a
Pterocarpus indicus n/a X n/a
Pterocarpus macrocarpus n/a X n/a
Pterocarpus marsupium n/a X n/a
Pterocarpus minimus X n/a n/a
Pterocarpus podocarpus X n/a n/a
Pterocarpus rohrii n/a X n/a
Pterocarpus rupestris X n/a n/a
Pterocarpus santalinus n/a X CITES
Pterocarpus soyauxii X n/a n/a
Pterocarpus vernalis X n/a n/a
Pterogyne nitens n/a X n/a
Pterygopodium balsamiferum X n/a n/a
Pterygopodium oxyphyllum X n/a n/a
Pterygota spp. X n/a under review
Pycnanthus angolensis X n/a n/a
Qualea albiflora X n/a n/a
Qualea coerulea X n/a n/a
Qualea paraensis X n/a n/a
Qualea rosea X n/a n/a
Quassia simarouba X n/a n/a
Quebrachia lorentzii n/a X n/a
Racosperma aneurum n/a X n/a
Racosperma cambagei n/a X n/a
Racosperma coriaceum n/a X n/a
Racosperma excelsum n/a X n/a
Racosperma harpophyllum n/a X n/a
Racosperma koa n/a X n/a
Racosperma melanoxylon n/a X n/a
Racosperma microspermum n/a X n/a
Racosperma omalophyllum n/a X n/a
Racosperma pendulum n/a X n/a
Racosperma salicinum n/a X n/a
Racosperma shirleyi n/a X n/a
Racosperma tephrina n/a X n/a
Recordoxylon X n/a n/a
Rhodostemonodaphne grandis X n/a n/a
Richeria grandis n/a X n/a
Ricinodendron heudelotii X n/a n/a
Rinorea paniculata X n/a n/a
§ Robinia spp. n/a X n/a
Roseodendron donnell-smithii n/a X n/a
Roupala brasiliensis n/a X n/a
Roupala cataractarum n/a X n/a
Roupala gardneri var. integrifolia n/a X n/a
Roupala montana n/a X n/a
Roupala pinnata X n/a n/a
Roupala pohlii n/a X n/a
Ruizterania albiflora X n/a n/a
Sabal spp. X n/a under review
Salvadora persica n/a X n/a
Samanea saman n/a X n/a
Santalum album n/a X n/a
Santalum spicatum n/a X n/a
Saouari villosa X n/a n/a
Sapium aucuparium n/a X n/a
Sapium caribaeum n/a X n/a
Sapium ellipticum X n/a n/a
Sapium glandulosum n/a X n/a
Sapota zapotilla n/a X n/a
Sarcocephalus diderrichii X n/a n/a
Saxegothaea conspicua n/a X n/a
Schefflera morototoni n/a X n/a
Schinopsis lorentzii n/a X n/a
Schinopsis quebracho-colorado n/a X n/a
Schizolobium amazonicum n/a X n/a
Schizolobium excelsum n/a X n/a
Schizolobium parahyba n/a X n/a
Schrebera arborea X n/a n/a
Sclerolobium micropetalum X n/a n/a
Scorodocarpus borneensis X n/a n/a
Scyphocephalium ochocoa X n/a n/a
Serenoa spp. X n/a under review
Seretoberlinia seretii X n/a n/a
Serianthes melanesica X n/a n/a
Serianthes myriadenia sensu X n/a n/a
Sextonia pubescens X n/a n/a
Sextonia rubra X n/a n/a
Shorea spp. X n/a under review
Sickingia salvadorensis X n/a n/a
Sideroxylon gardnerianum X n/a n/a
Simarouba amara X n/a n/a
Simarouba versicolor X n/a n/a
Simira salvadorensis X n/a n/a
Siphonia brasiliensis n/a X n/a
Sloanea caribaea X n/a n/a
Sophora monosperma X n/a n/a
Spirostachys africana n/a X n/a
Spondias lutea n/a X n/a
Spondias mombin n/a X n/a
Staudtia kamerunensis X n/a n/a
Stemmadenia donnell-smithii X n/a n/a
Sterculia apetala X n/a n/a
Sterculia caribaea X n/a n/a
Sterculia oblonga X n/a n/a
Sterculia pruriens X n/a n/a
Sterculia rhinopetala X n/a n/a
Sterculia rugosa X n/a n/a
Sterculia tragacantha n/a X n/a
Swartzia spp. X n/a n/a
Sweetia panamensis X n/a n/a
Swietenia candollei n/a X CITES
Swietenia chloroxylon X n/a n/a
Swietenia macrophylla n/a X CITES
Swietenia senegalensis X n/a n/a
Symphonia globulifera X n/a n/a
Syzygium spp. n/a X n/a
Tabebuia spp. X n/a n/a
Tabernaemontana donnell-smithii X n/a n/a
Tachigali micropetala X n/a n/a
Tachigali purpurea X n/a n/a
Tachigalia purpurea X n/a n/a
Talisia oliviformis X n/a n/a
Tamarindus indica n/a X n/a
Tamonea guianensis X n/a n/a
Tapura latifolia X n/a n/a
Tarrietia utilis X n/a n/a
Taxodium mexicanum n/a X n/a
Taxodium mucronatum n/a X n/a
Tecoma guayacan n/a X n/a
Tecoma impetiginosa n/a X n/a
Tecoma ipe n/a X n/a
Tecoma rosea n/a X n/a
Tecoma serratifolia n/a X n/a
Tectona grandis n/a X n/a
Terminalia alata n/a X n/a
Terminalia amazonia X n/a n/a
Terminalia eliptica n/a X n/a
Terminalia hayesii X n/a n/a
Terminalia ivorensis X n/a n/a
Terminalia obovata n/a X n/a
Terminalia pterocarpa X n/a n/a
Terminalia superba n/a X n/a
Terminalia tomentosa n/a X n/a
Tessmannia africana X n/a n/a
Testulea gabonensis X n/a n/a
Tetraclinis articula n/a X n/a
Thespesia macrophylla n/a X n/a
Thespesia populnea n/a X n/a
Thouinia hemiglauca n/a X n/a
Thuja chilensis n/a X n/a
Thuja gigantea n/a X n/a
Thuja plicata n/a X n/a
Tieghemella africana X n/a n/a
Tieghemella heckelii X n/a n/a
Tipuana speciosa n/a X n/a
Tipuana tipu n/a X n/a
Toluifera balsamum n/a X n/a
Tolyifera pereirae n/a X n/a
Toona australis n/a X n/a
Toona ciliata n/a X n/a
Toona microcarpa n/a X n/a
Toona ternatensis n/a X n/a
Torresea cearensis X n/a n/a
Trattinickia spp. X n/a n/a
Trema guineensis n/a X n/a
Trema orientalis n/a X n/a
Trichilia albiflora n/a X n/a
Trichilia americana n/a X n/a
Trichilia anisopleura n/a X n/a
Trichilia colimana n/a X n/a
Trichilia langlassei n/a X n/a
Trichilia minutiflora n/a X n/a
Trichilia pavoniana n/a X n/a
Trichilia pringlei n/a X n/a
Trichilia procera X n/a n/a
Trichilia spondiodes n/a X n/a
Triplaris surinamensis n/a X n/a
Triplaris weigeltiana n/a X n/a
Triplochiton scleroxylon X n/a n/a
Triplochiton utile X n/a n/a
Tristania conferta n/a X n/a
Turreanthus africanus X n/a n/a
Uapaca guineensis X n/a n/a
Vatairea guianensis X n/a n/a
Vatairea lundellii X n/a n/a
Vatairea surinamensis X n/a n/a
Virola spp. X n/a n/a
Vitex vitiensis X n/a n/a
Vochysia guianensis X n/a n/a
Vochysia spp. X n/a n/a
Vochysia tomentosa X n/a n/a
Vouacapoua americana X n/a n/a
Vouapa pendula X n/a n/a
Vouapa racemigera X n/a n/a
Vuacapua amazonum X n/a n/a
§ Weinmannia cochensis n/a X n/a
Weinmannia trichosperma n/a X n/a
Ximenia borneensis X n/a n/a
Xylia xylocarpa X n/a n/a
Xylocarpus carapa X n/a n/a
Zanthoxylum flavum n/a X n/a
Zanthoxylum heitzii X n/a n/a
Zygia racemosa X n/a n/a
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