Appendix 2: Areas, territories and countries where Anoplophora spp. are present

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December 22, 2011

Territories and countries other than the Continental United States where Anoplophora spp. are present

Territory/ Country A. chinensis A. glabripennis
Afghanistan X  
China X X
Croatia X  
European Union X X
Indonesia X  
Japan X  
Korea, Republic of X X
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of X X
Madagascar X  
Malaysia X  
Myanmar X  
Philippines X  
Switzerland   X
Taiwan X  
Vietnam X  

U.S. states where populations of Anoplophora spp. are currently under eradication and official control

U.S. State A. chinensis A. glabripennis
Massachusetts   X
New Jersey   X
New York   X
Ohio   X

Note: The CFIA recognizes the regulated areas within these states as currently defined by the USDA (7 CFR 301.51). See Section 2.4 for more information.

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