Pest Risk Management Decision Document – Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle (Tetropium fuscum)
1.0 Executive Summary

As Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle (BSLB) continues to spread within central Nova Scotia, with a low to moderate provincial risk-rating (albeit with uncertainty), a re-evaluation of its risk to Canada was carried out, resulting in proposals for subsequent adjustment of management activities by federal, provincial, and industry partners. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and certain industry partners have proposed that national deregulation of BSLB is the logical next step, however scientific information, and the immediate need to protect the rest of Canada from the economic impacts of BSLB spread suggest that, in the short- to medium-term, continued regulation of BSLB is required. This RMD serves as a vehicle to consult with a broad range of stakeholders as to the appropriate risk-based management approach for BSLB.

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