SWI 132.1.1 Seed Program
Specific Work Instruction
Official Seed Sampling

6.0 Planning Sampling Activities

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Any sampler obtaining samples for a complaint or for the issuance of an ISTA certificate or report of analysis from a CFIA laboratory must make every effort to respond to a request for sampling within a reasonable timeframe (72 hours).

The drawing of samples for moisture determination should be timed so that the seed is delivered to the laboratory by courier within 24 hours of sampling and so that it does not arrive at the laboratory on a holiday. In addition, oilseeds, such as flax, rapeseed, mustard, radish or soybeans must not be sampled for moisture testing in a timeframe that there is any chance that the sample will arrive at the laboratory for testing on a Friday as the test requires a 17-hour drying period versus a 2-hour drying period for other crop kinds.

6.1 Reference Information Needed by the Sampler

References needed by the sampler to obtain a representative sample are specified below. The sampler is responsible for verifying that the documents s/he is using are up-to-date.

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