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16.0 OECD Certification Documents

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The final step in the OECD certification process is the issuance of the OECD Variety Certificate CFIA/ACIA 0006 or CFIA/ACIA 0007 (meets EC Rules and Standards) (Appendices XIV and XV). These are to be issued for each seed lot certified under the OECD Seed Schemes. The Variety Certificate CFIA/ACIA 0007 (EC Rules and Standards) may only be used when the tag/label bears the same statement. The Variety Certificate CFIA/ACIA 0006 is to be used for NFC seed. The inspector must verify that all of the information is identical to the information appearing on the tags/labels. The inspector is to complete (type) the form in Desktop eForms, print it, sign it (preferably with blue ink) and date it. The inspector should retain a copy of the certificate and provide the original to the applicant

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