Oats - List of varieties which are registered in Canada

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Codes - Varieties with restricted registrations, plants with novel traits (PNTs) or those varieties derived from PNTs

Note: The following codes are used for varieties with restricted registrations, plants with novel traits (PNTs) or those varieties derived from PNTs

  • I = interim registration
  • IR = interim regional registration
  • R = regional registration
  • C = contract registration
  • CI = contract interim registration
  • CIR = contract interim regional registration
  • PNT = plant with novel trait, or derived from a plant with novel trait
Oat, Spring, Hulless
Registered Variety Canadian Representative
AC Baton SeCan Association
AC Belmont SeCan Association
AC Ernie C&M Seeds
AC Fregeau Semican Atlantic Inc.
AC Gwen Cereal Research Centre
AC Lotta Eastern Cereal & Oilseed Research Centre
Boudrias FarmPure Seeds Inc.
Bullion SW Seed Ltd.
IDAHO Semican Atlantic Inc.
Navan Eastern Cereal & Oilseed Research Centre
NAVARO Semican Atlantic Inc.
SHADOW Semican Atlantic Inc.
Tibor Eastern Cereal & Oilseed Research Centre
TURCOTTE Semican Atlantic Inc.
Oat, Spring
Registered Variety Canadian Representative
AAC Almonte Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
AAC Justice AAFC
AAC Nicolas AAFC
AAC Normandin Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
AAC Richmond Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
AAC Oravena AAFC
AAC Roskens AAFC
AC Assiniboia Crop Production Services Canada Inc.
AC Aylmer Eastern Cereal & Oilseed Research Centre
AC Francis SeCan Association
AC Hunter SeCan Association
AC Juniper Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
AC Medallion Cereal Research Centre
AC Morgan Lacombe Research Centre
AC Mustang Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
AC Preakness Cereal Research Centre
AC Rebel Cereal Research Centre
AC Rigodon SeCan Association
AC Stewart SeCan Association
AC Vermont Eastern Cereal & Oilseed Research Centre
Alcyon William Houde Ltd.
Ascension Céréla Inc.
Athabasca SeCan Association
Avatar PhytoGene Resources Inc.
Bia SW Seed Ltd.
Bolina PhytoGene Resources Inc.
Bradley Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Calibre University of Saskatchewan
CANMORE Semican Atlantic Inc.
CANOË Semican Atlantic Inc.
CANTAL Semican Atlantic Inc.
CANUK Semican Atlantic Inc.
Capital SeCan Association
Cascade SeCan Association
CDC Big Brown University of Saskatchewan
CDC Boyer University of Saskatchewan
CDC Dancer University of Saskatchewan
CDC Minstrel University of Saskatchewan
CDC Morrison University of Saskatchewan
CDC Nasser University of Saskatchewan
CDC Orrin University of Saskatchewan
CDC Pacer University of Saskatchewan
CDC ProFi University of Saskatchewan
CDC Ruffian University of Saskatchewan
CDC Seabiscuit University of Saskatchewan
CDC SO-I University of Saskatchewan
CDC Sol-Fi University of Saskatchewan
CDC Weaver University of Saskatchewan
Derby University of Saskatchewan
Dieter Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Domingo SW Seed Ltd.
Donegal Thompsons Ltd.
Dumont SeCan Association
Fjord McGill University
Foothill SeCan Association
Furlong Cereal Research Centre
GASPÉ Semican Atlantic Inc.
Gloria PhytoGene Resources Inc.
Goslin Eastern Cereal & Oilseed Research Centre
Grizzly University of Alberta
Hidalgo PhytoGene Resources Inc.
HiFi Seed Depot Corp.
HY 174-OA Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Ida Thompsons Ltd.
Irish Thompsons Ltd.
Jasper SeCan Association
Jay Ridgetown College University of Guelph
Jordan Cereal Research Centre
Kara Coop Federee
Kaufmann SeCan Association
Lachute SeCan Association
Leggett Cereal Research Centre
Linwood Thompsons Ltd.
Lois Advantage Seed Growers & Processors Inc.
Lu SeCan Association
Manic SeCan Association
Manotick Eastern Cereal & Oilseed Research Centre
Marion SeCan Association
Nice Coopérative Fédérée de Québec
Nova SeCan Association
OAC Arrow University of Guelph
OAC Markdale University of Guelph
OAC Paisley SeCan Association
Optimum Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Oscar Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Pinnacle Cereal Research Centre
Prescott C&M Seeds
Radisson University of Saskatchewan
RC Amaze University of Guelph
Riel SeCan Association
Riley University of Saskatchewan
Robert SeCan Association
Robust Ridgetown College University of Guelph
Ronald Cereal Research Centre
Sherwood Thompsons Ltd.
Souris Seed Depot Corporation (John Smith)
Stainless Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Stride Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Summit Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
SUTTON Semican Atlantic Inc.
SW Betania SW Seed Ltd.
SW EXACTOR Bonis and Co. Ltd.
Sylva SeCan Association
SYNEXTRA Semican Atlantic Inc.
Tango PhytoGene Resources Inc.
Triactor SW Seed Ltd.
Triple Crown Bonis and Co. Ltd
Ultima SeCan Association
US4349 PhytoGene Resources Inc.
VITALITY PhytoGene Resources Inc.
Waldern SeCan Association
7600M Crop Production Services Canada Inc.