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Mr. Gang Li of Guelph, Ontario fined $20,000 for offences under the Health of Animals Act and the Health of Animals Regulations

February 20, 2019, Ottawa: On February 14, 2019, Mr. Gang Li of Guelph, ON was convicted, in the Ontario Court of Justice in Brampton, of contravening section 16(1) of the Health of Animals Act and section 51(a) of the Health of Animals Regulations. Mr. Li was ordered to pay total fines of $20,000.

On January 24, 2017, Mr. Gang Li arrived by air at Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Mississauga, Ontario. Mr. Li was intercepted by Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). He was found to be transporting seven undeclared test tubes of unknown substances in his checked baggage, which he failed to declare upon arrival. Laboratory testing later confirmed the items to include the Peste des Petits Ruminants Virus, Newcastle Disease Virus, Duck Adenovirus 1, and Parainfluenza Virus 5. Mr. Li did not possess or produce any permits or documentation in relation to the pathogenic organisms.

All of these viruses may pose serious disease threats to animals. Therefore, their importation and movement is strictly regulated in Canada, governed by federal legislation containing provisions designed to protect human and animal health. In the case of some pathogenic organisms, importation is strictly prohibited.

The CFIA is responsible for the administration and enforcement of federal legislation, acts and regulations, including the Health of Animals Act and the Health of Animals Regulations. The CFIA is dedicated to safeguarding food, animal, and plant health, which enhances the health and well-being of Canada's people, environment, and economy.

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