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Videos that showcase Science programs and initiatives.

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Protecting people with allergies

Science in action: protecting people with allergies

Duration: 3:56

2.6 million Canadians are affected by food allergies. This video showcases the reality of people living with food allergies and also shows the importance of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's (CFIA) work.


Seed Science at CFIA

Seed science at CFIA

Duration: 0:15

CFIA scientists plant and test millions of seeds from the marketplace in order to monitor the purity and identity of pedigreed seeds produced in Canada and to ensure that farmers are growing quality plants and crops for Canadians.

Solving food poisoning investigations with DNA

Solving food poisoning investigations with DNA

Duration: 5:20

1 in 8 Canadians will get sick this year from food poisoning. CFIA scientists identify the DNA of bacteria that cause food poisoning using genomic technology. This enables them to track down the causes of food poisoning much like a detective uses a fingerprint to catch a suspect.


Safeguarding with Science

Safeguarding with science

Duration: 4:13

An introduction to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Safeguarding Plant Health with Science

Safeguarding plant health with science

Duration: 3:27

Darlene Blair, Chief Plant Health Officer for Canada, talks about the importance of plant health.

Safeguarding Animal Health with Science

Safeguarding animal health with science

Duration: 3:59

Dr. Harpreet Kochhar, Chief Veterinary Officer of Canada, talks about the importance of animal health.

Safeguarding Food with Science

Safeguarding food with science

Duration: 3:10

Dr. Martine Dubuc, Chief Food Safety Officer for Canada and Vice-President, Science, talks about the importance of food safety.

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