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2017-18 Departmental Plan
Plans at a Glance

Every day, more than six thousand CFIA professionals work to support the government's goals to protect Canadians across the country and instill confidence in our food safety system and our plant, animal and food products and support market access for them. They help protect plant and animal health. They prevent food safety hazards and manage food safety investigations and recalls. They also promote and verify improved packaging and labelling to help consumers make better informed decisions.

The CFIA is committed to continuously improve its programs and activities in order to better meet the needs of consumers, industry and international trading partners. In 2017-18 the CFIA will continue to, modernize and consult with Canadians on new regulations or proposed amendments, update various programs and infrastructure, foster collaboration with national and international partners, and improve the services it delivers for Canadians.

To deliver on its commitments, the Agency seeks to achieve better results by placing a high priority on strengthening food safety, supporting market access, and enhancing service delivery. The Agency will track its progress towards these priorities and will report back to Canadians and Parliament through the Departmental Results.

The CFIA has an ambitious year ahead which includes the development of a new Departmental Results Framework and a number of consultations with Canadians which will help influence our agenda going forward. These initiatives will support our communication with Canadians about our core responsibilities and how we plan to measure our results starting in 2018-19. Highlighted below is a summary of our plans for 2017-18.

Strengthening Food Safety and Protecting Animal and Plant Health

The CFIA continues to enhance its rules, programs and partnerships to support the prevention of food safety and plant or animal health events and maintain confidence for Canadians in our food, plant and animal products and system.

In 2017-18 the CFIA expects to:

Supporting Market Access

Access to markets, both existing and new, is critical to Canada's economy. The CFIA will continue to safeguard Canada's animal and plant resource base and food safety system. The Agency will continue to support efforts to maintain and expand market access for Canadian plants, animals, food and their products.

In 2017-18 the CFIA will:

Enhancing Service Delivery

CFIA continues to enhance service delivery as a regulator for its clients. Canadians look to the CFIA as a regulator to ensure our rules are followed but also to provide clients with effective tools to communicate with the CFIA, apply for services and understand what is included in a service.

In 2017-18 the CFIA intends to:

For more information on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's plans, priorities and the planned results, see the "Planned results" section of this report.

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