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2018-19 – Departmental Plan
Plans at a glance

Our core responsibility is safe food and healthy plants and animals. Every day, CFIA professionals work to protect Canadians across the country and instill confidence in Canada's regulatory system for safe food and healthy plants and animals. Through our work, the environment is protected, Canadians have the food-related information they need to make informed choices, and Canadian businesses have access to competitive opportunities around the world. We make decisions based on risk and science, which allows us to adapt and respond quickly to a changing environment.

Last year, the CFIA advanced a number of ambitious priorities that align with our core responsibility. In 2018-19, we will continue to build on the considerable work done to date and support advancing our core responsibility's three departmental results of ensuring:

To do this, we will focus on advancing the following five strategic priorities and accompanying key initiatives:

Modern Regulatory Toolkit

  • We are modernizing our regulations and program designs. The objective is to move toward outcome-based regulations that focus on the required outcome that regulated parties must meet, while providing more flexibility on how they choose to achieve it. We will continue to advance key initiatives such as Safe Food for Canadians Regulations, Fertilizer Regulations, Health of Animal Regulations, food labelling modernization; and update traceability regulations.

Integrated Risk Management

  • We continue to gather risk intelligence in modern tools and from multiple sources to better and more effectively inform risk decisions. In 2018-19, we will further develop risk based approaches, such as the establishment-based risk assessment model and implement, with our partners, the plant and animal health strategy.

Consistent and Efficient Inspections

  • We will continue piloting approaches to the phased implementation of the standard and consistent inspection approach in food, also known as the integrated agency inspection model. The approach will apply globally recognized risk management concepts that are based on prevention.

Digital First Tools and Services

  • We are moving toward digital services as the first choice for businesses and consumers to obtain information and business services from the CFIA. This will improve access to service and information for businesses and the public, as well as enhance efficiency.

    We will build on existing online tools such as "My CFIA", which provides convenient and secure online access for requesting certain services such as licenses, permits, registrations and export certificates.

Global Leader

  • We will continue to maintain and promote our reputation as a global leader by working to influence international standards that strengthen food safety, plant and animal health, environmental outcomes, and support market access for the above Canadian inputs and products. We will pursue fairness in trade practices, enhance the use of technology and regulatory cooperation and continue our engagement in the negotiation of free trade agreements.

For more information on the CFIA's five strategic priorities, please visit "Responding to Today, Building for the Future".

For more information on the CFIA's plans, priorities and the planned results, see the "Planned results" section of this of this report.

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