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Notice to Industry – Dairy Export Certificates coming to My CFIA

Beginning in Fall 2019, Dairy Export Certificates will be available through My CFIA. As many industry members are aware, My CFIA is the Agency's secure and convenient way to do business with us online. By signing up for a My CFIA profile, account holders can submit service requests for a growing number of CFIA services.

Benefits of requesting an export certificate using My CFIA

Making Dairy Export Certificates available for request through My CFIA will significantly improve the application and issuance process. Rather than having to drive, fax, or email an application to a local CFIA office, industry will be able to submit the service request, and pay for the certificate through the My CFIA portal. In addition, My CFIA users can also access the system 24/7 to track, manage, copy and reuse their application for future requests. To learn about additional benefits, take a look at our fact sheet My CFIA: What's in it for a dairy exporter like me.

Steps to take now

In order to be issued a Dairy Export Certificate in My CFIA starting in June, dairy exporters must:

Informing trading partners

CFIA recently notified its international trading partners of the upcoming move to electronic Dairy Export Certificates. In the letter, trading partners were made aware of the Agency's plan to continue to add additional Export Certifications in My CFIA, as per the World Trade Organization Notification that was published last year.

Supporting industry

Step-by-step instructions on how to manage a My CFIA account, request services, and pay for services using My CFIA are available on the My CFIA User Guidance page. Additional guidance including instructions specific to requesting an export certificate will be added to the page in Fall 2019.

CFIA will continue to provide regular updates as additional export certificates are added to My CFIA.

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