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Archived - Veterinary Student Internship Program

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Currently, the Veterinary Student Internship Program is not supported by the CFIA.

What is the Veterinary Student Internship Program?

The Veterinary Student Internship Program (VSIP) is a specialized training program offered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to students enrolled in a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree program at a Canadian veterinary college.

The VSIP will:

Who is eligible?

It is recommended you apply to the VSIP program during your first or second year of veterinary studies (second or third year for students at FMV in Quebec). You will then begin your VSIP program following the successful completion of that school year. You may be enrolled in the program for up to three years of your veterinary education.

How does the program work?

You will undertake your internship in a specific program area of the CFIA under the supervision of a sponsoring manager.

The basic program components include the following:

At the beginning of the program you and your sponsoring manager will establish an Intern Develop Plan that will be the basis for your activities throughout the internship.

Each year you are enrolled in the program you will be reimbursed 75-80% of your annual tuition and eligible education costs (books) as long as you meet certain basic criteria (note: Canadian tuition fees only)

You will be provided a minimum of 12 weeks of paid work experience for each year you are enrolled in the program.

Each year you will be asked to complete an assignment during the academic year to keep you engaged in the program while you are back in school.

You will have the opportunity to act as a program ambassador through participating in awareness activities, providing information and support to potential applicants and acting as a mentor to new students entering the program.

You will, upon graduating, be considered for a position with the CFIA, if a suitable position is available. Your employment commitment will range from 12-27 months depending on the total amount of tuition reimbursement you receive throughout the program.

What are the benefits?

Any questions may also be directed to Marlene Longtin, Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer.

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