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Smith-Kilborne Foreign Animal Disease Student Training Program

The Smith-Kilborne Student Training Program familiarizes undergraduate veterinary students with various foreign animal diseases that could threaten the animal population in North America. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency sponsors two veterinary students annually to attend the training program.

The program combines classroom presentations of diseases and their implications with laboratory experiences.

The Smith-Kilborne Program is held at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York and the United States Plum Island Animal Disease Centre.

Student Selection

Canadian program attendees must be nominated by their college. Each veterinary college may nominate one individual for consideration.

Final selection of the two individuals to be sponsored by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is done by the Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer.

The program is open to all second year DVM students. Criteria that will be considered in the selection process include the individual's:


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency will cover the students' travel to and from the program. The United States Department of Agriculture will pay all other program related expenses for the students. This includes meals, lodging, and tuition. Please note that the student will be reimbursed for their meals after the course.

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