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Commercial feed facilities enrolled in the Canadian Ractopamine-Free Pork Certification Program

The facilities listed below have determined that they have met the requirements for enrollment in the Program by submitting Annex 7 of the Canadian Ractopamine-Free Pork Certification Program. Changes to this list will be made in as timely a manner as possible, but interested parties should always communicate directly with the facility to verify their status.

List as of: June 10, 2020


Facility code Facility name Type of facility City
C-W-AB-SO-751 ADM Animal Nutrition Inc. B Lethbridge
C-W-AB-NO-701 Alberta Feed & Consulting Ltd. A Red Deer
C-W-AB-SO-752 Beusekom Farms Ltd. A Fort MacLeod
C-W-AB-NO-707 Canadian Nurs-ette Distributors Ltd. A Camrose
C-W-AB-NO-708 Cargill Animal Nutrition A Camrose
C-W-AB-SO-755 Cargill Animal Nutrition A Lethbridge
C-W-AB-SO-780 Case Slingerland A Picture Butte
R-W-AB-SO-6081 Connect OnFarm Inc. A Lethbridge
C-W-AB-NO-715 Country Junction Feeds A Edmonton
C-W-AB-NO-736 Country Junction Feeds A Wetaskiwin
C-W-AB-SO-759 Federated Co-operatives Ltd. A Calgary
R-W-AB-SO-6058 Fortified Nutrition Limited – Lethbridge Warehouse D Lethbridge
R-W-AB-NO-5676 Fortified Nutrition Limited – Red Deer Warehouse D Red Deer
C-W-AB-SO-761 Friesen Livestock Ltd. A Medicine Hat
C-W-AB-NO-739 Independence Milling Inc. A Sturgeon County
R-W-AB-NO-5712 Masterfeeds Inc. A Red Deer
R-W-AB-SO-6099 Masterfeeds Inc. A Lethbridge
C-W-AB-NO-722 Masterfeeds Inc. A Red Deer
C-W-AB-SO-767 Masterfeeds Inc. A Taber
C-W-AB-SO-770 Masterfeeds Inc. B Picture Butte
R-W-AB-SO-6009 Matrix Environmental Solutions Ltd. D Lethbridge
R-W-AB-NO-5532 Matrix Environmental Solutions Ltd. D Red Deer
C-W-AB-NO-742 More Than Just Feed A Ponoka
C-W-AB-NO-747 More Than Just Feed A Red Deer
C-W-AB-SO-772 More Than Just Feed A Granum
C-W-AB-SO-773 Nutrition Partners Inc. A Airdrie
C-W-AB-SO-796 Rupert / Lansink Farms A Carbon
C-W-AB-SO-781 Sollio Agriculture Livestock Production – Western Canada Ltd. A Lethbridge
R-W-AB-NO-5637 Sollio Agriculture Livestock Production – Western Canada Ltd. D Red Deer
C-W-AB-NO-729 Sunhaven Farms Milling A Irma
C-W-AB-SO-797 Sunset Feeders Ltd. A Taber
C-W-AB-NO-711 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. A Westlock
C-W-AB-NO-732 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. A Sherwood Park
C-W-AB-NO-733 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. A Olds
C-W-AB-NO-735 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. A Ponoka
C-W-AB-SO-784 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. B Lethbridge
R-W-AB-SO-6097 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. A Dunmore
C-W-AB-SO-785 Westway Feed Products A Lethbridge

British Columbia

Facility code Facility name Type of facility City
C-W-BC-CO-905 Clearbrook Grain & Milling A Abbotsford
C-W-BC-CO-906 Excel Feeds Inc. A Abbotsford
C-W-BC-CO-919 Nature's Pride Nutrition A Abbotsford
C-W-BC-CO-909 Otter Co-op A Aldergrove
I-W-BC-CO-26505 PMT Inc./Essentials Inc. D Abbotsford
C-W-BC-CO-911 Ritchie Smith Feeds Inc. A Abbotsford
C-W-BC-CO-917 Supreme Animal Nutrition Inc. A Abbotsford
C-W-BC-CO-916 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. A Chilliwack
C-W-BC-CO-925 Valley Nutrition Inc. A Langley


Facility code Facility name Type of facility City
C-W-MB-MB-809 Feedmax Corp. A Killarney
C-W-MB-MB-815 Fehrway Feeds A Winkler
C-W-MB-MB-846 Finer Feeds A Winnipeg
C-W-MB-MB-850 Fortified Nutrition Limited A Morden
R-W-MB-MB-6619 Fortified Nutrition Limited – Brandon Warehouse D Brandon
R-W-MB-MB-6587 Fortified Nutrition Limited – Winnipeg Warehouse D Winnipeg
C-W-MB-MB-1003 Granite Mills Inc A Elma
C-W-MB-MB-820 HyLife Ltd. A La Broquerie
C-W-MB-MB-853 HyLife Pork Feeds Ltd. A Killarney
R-W-MB-MB-6592 J&R Livestock Consultants Ltd. D Winnipeg
C-W-MB-MB-835 Maple Leaf Agri-Farms A Arborg
C-W-MB-MB-842 Maple Leaf Agri-Farms A Landmark
C-W-MB-MB-836 Maple Leaf Agri-Farms A Niverville
C-W-MB-MB-852 Maple Leaf Agri-Farms A Souris
C-W-MB-MB-807 Maple Leaf Agri-Farms A Winkler
C-W-MB-MB-810 Masterfeeds Inc. A Brandon
C-W-MB-MB-812 Masterfeeds Inc. A Grunthal
C-W-MB-MB-814 Masterfeeds Inc. A Winnipeg
C-W-MB-MB-831 Masterfeeds Inc. A Winnipeg
R-W-MB-MB-6604 Matrix Environmental Solutions Ltd. D Winnipeg
C-W-MB-MB-830 New Rosedale Feedmill A Portage La Prairie
R-W-MB-MB-6622 Nutrition Partners Inc. (Brandon Warehouse) D Brandon
C-W-MB-MB-1005 Old Mill Feeds Ltd. A Elie
C-W-MB-MB-856 ProVista Feeds A Saint Malo
C-W-MB-MB-1004 Randolph Feed Mill A La Broquerie
C-W-MB-MB-802 Sollio Agriculture Livestock Production – Western Canada Ltd. A Winnipeg
R-W-MB-MB-6582 Sollio Agriculture Livestock Production – Western Canada Ltd. D Brandon
C-W-MB-MB-819 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. A Ste Anne
C-W-MB-MB-822 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. A Rosenort
C-W-MB-MB-823 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. A Otterburne
C-W-MB-MB-825 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. A Landmark
R-W-MB-MB-6550 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. – Winnipeg Warehouse D Winnipeg

New Brunswick

Facility code Facility name Type of facility City
C-A-NB-NB-013 Sollio Agriculture A Moncton
C-A-NB-NB-008 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. A Moncton

Nova Scotia

Facility code Facility name Type of facility City
C-A-NS-NS-052 Clarence Farm Services Ltd. A Truro
C-A-NS-NS-062 Clarence Farm Services Ltd. A Truro
C-A-NS-NS-053 Sollio Agriculture A New Minas
C-A-NS-NS-054 Sollio Agriculture A Truro


Facility code Facility name Type of facility City
C-O-ON-SW-664 ADM Animal Nutrition A Woodstock
C-O-ON-NE-507 Alltech Inc. A Alexandria
C-O-ON-SW-686 Bellera Feed Mill A Zurich
C-O-ON-CE-403 Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors Inc. (Division A) A Wellesley
C-O-ON-CE-454 Bio-Ag Consultants & Distributors Inc. (Division B & C) A Wellesley
C-O-ON-SW-684 Bloxslea Farms Inc. A Burgessville
C-O-ON-NE-514 Bourdon Feed & Grain Inc. A Maxville
C-O-ON-SW-606 BSC Animal Nutrition Inc. A St. Marys
C-O-ON-SW-607 Burgessville Grain & Feed Inc. A Burgessville
C-O-ON-CE-405 B-W Feed and Seed Ltd. A New Hamburg
C-O-ON-NE-503 Cargill Animal Nutrition A Addison
C-O-ON-NE-504 Cargill Animal Nutrition A Palmerston
C-O-ON-SW-680 Cargill Animal Nutrition – Mitchell A Mitchell
C-O-ON-SW-601 Cargill Animal Nutrition A Strathroy
C-O-ON-SW-665 Cargill Animal Nutrition A Woodstock
C-O-ON-NE-521 County Farm Centre Ltd. A Picton
C-O-ON-SW-614 Dauphin Feed & Supply Ltd. A Dungannon
R-O-ON-CE-4061 Davis Feed & Farm Supply D Caledon
C-O-ON-SW-685 Dekroon Feed and Grains A Dublin
C-O-ON-CE-449 DSM Nutritional Products Canada Inc. A Ayr
C-O-ON-SW-615 Elgin Feeds Ltd. A Aylmer
C-O-ON-CE-410 Floradale Feed Mill Limited A Floradale
C-O-ON-SW-693 Fotheringham Agra Ltd. A Palmerston
C-O-ON-CE-443 Grand Valley Fortifiers A Cambridge
C-O-ON-CE-414 Grober Nutrition A Cambridge
R-O-ON-CE-4015 Harwil Farms Mobile Feeds Ltd. A Hagersville
C-O-ON-SW-640 Hensall District Co-operative Inc. (Mitchell Feed Mill) A Mitchell
R-O-ON-NE-5146 Hensall District Co-operative Inc. (Ripley) A Ripley
C-O-ON-SW-621 Hensall District Co-operative Inc. (Zurich) A Zurich
C-O-ON-SW-622 Hensall District Co-operative Inc. (Londesborough) A Londesborough
C-O-ON-SW-618 Hensall District Co-Operative Inc. (Clinton) A Clinton
R-O-ON-NE-5116 Hensall District Co-operative Inc. (Kurtzville) A Gowanstown
C-O-ON-NE-532 Hoards Station Farm Supply A Campbellford
C-O-ON-SW-689 Hofarms Ltd. A Newton
C-O-ON-NE-583 Holstein Feed Mill (2015) Ltd. A Holstein
C-O-ON-SW-624 Homeland Grain Inc. A Burgessville
R-O-ON-SW-4542 Huron Bay Co-operative Inc. D Auburn
R-O-ON-SW-4543 Huron Bay Co-operative Inc. D Belgrave
C-O-ON-NE-534 Huron Bay Co-operative Inc. A Owen Sound
R-O-ON-NE-5047 Huron Bay Co-operative Inc. D Markdale
R-O-ON-NE-5048 Huron Bay Co-operative Inc. D Chesley
R-O-ON-NE-5050 Huron Bay Co-operative Inc. D Wiarton
R-O-ON-CE-4016 Huron Bay Co-operative Inc. A Dundalk
R-O-ON-NE-5065 Huron Bay Co-operative Inc. D Mildmay
R-O-ON-NE-5049 Huron Bay Co-operative Inc. A Teeswater
C-O-ON-CE-420 Jones Feed Mills Ltd. A Linwood
C-O-ON-CE-451 Jones Feed Mills Ltd. (Premix Plant) A Linwood
C-O-ON-CE-421 Jones Feed Mills Ltd. (Heidelberg) A St. Clements
R-O-ON-NE-5215 Jones Feed Mills Ltd. (Wroxeter) A Wroxeter
C-O-ON-SW-626 Kenpal Farm Products Inc. A Centralia
C-O-ON-NE-542 La Cooperative Agricole d'Embrun A Embrun
R-O-ON-SW-4549 Lakeside Grain and Feed Limited A Forest
R-O-ON-CE-4062 Leis Feed & Supply Ltd. A Wellesley
R-O-ON-NE-5246 Leis Feed & Supply Ltd. A Listowel
R-O-ON-SW-4551 Leis Feed & Supply Ltd. A Milverton
R-O-ON-NE-5058 Listowel Farm Supply Ltd. D Listowel
C-O-ON-NE-546 MacEwen Agricentre Inc. A Maxville
C-O-ON-CE-452 Mapleview Agri Ltd. A Palmerston
C-O-ON-NE-550 Masterfeeds Inc. A Johnstown
C-O-ON-NE-548 Masterfeeds Inc. A Cavan
C-O-ON-NE-549 Masterfeeds Inc. A Wingham
C-O-ON-SW-634 Masterfeeds Inc. A Stratford
C-O-ON-SW-635 Masterfeeds Inc. A Komoka
C-O-ON-SW-671 Masterfeeds Inc. (Organic) A Komoka
C-O-ON-SW-613 Masterfeeds Premix A Stratford
C-O-ON-SW-636 McBrayne Feed & Supply Ltd. A Dresden
C-O-ON-SW-638 McLellan Industries Ltd. A Ingersoll
R-O-ON-SW-4557 McGee Farm Services Ltd. A Parkhill
C-O-ON-CE-425 Minor Bros Farm Supply Ltd A Dunnville
C-O-ON-NE-552 Molesworth Farm Supply Ltd. A Listowel
R-O-ON-NE-5137 Munro Agromart Ltd. D Lancaster
C-O-ON-SW-687 Nature Feed Centre Inc. A Burgessville
C-O-ON-SW-643 New Life Mills A Denfield
C-O-ON-NE-553 New Life Mills A Inkerman
C-O-ON-SW-642 New Life Mills A Wyoming
C-O-ON-SW-667 New Life Mills A Listowel
C-O-ON-CE-428 Nieuwland Feed & Supply Limited A Drayton
C-O-ON-CE-429 Nieuwland Feeds Ltd – Elora A Elora
C-O-ON-SW-669 Nieuwland Feed & Supply Ltd. A Listowel
R-O-ON-NE-5069 North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc. – Durham D Durham
R-O-ON-NE-5071 North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc. – Hanover D Hanover
R-O-ON-NE-5070 North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc. – Harriston A Harriston
R-O-ON-CE-4028 North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc. – Mount Forest D Mount Forest
R-O-ON-SW-4568 Oxford Feed Supply Ltd. A Ingersoll
R-O-ON-SW-4654 Parion Animal Nutrition A Hickson
C-O-ON-CE-406 Performance Feed Ingredients A Elmira
R-O-ON-CE-4072 Pestell Minerals and Ingredients A New Hamburg
C-O-ON-CE-431 PMT Inc. A Kitchener
R-O-ON-SW-4649 Premier AG Resources Ltd. (Bright Warehouse) D Bright
R-O-ON-SW-4616 Protekta Inc. D Lucknow
C-O-ON-SW-650 Ridgetown Feed & Supply Ltd. A Ridgetown
R-O-ON-SW-4650 Salford Feed & Farm Supply A Burgessville
C-O-ON-SW-654 Shakespeare Mills Inc. A Shakespeare
R-O-ON-CE-4066 Sharpe Farm Supplies A Guelph
R-O-ON-SW-4577 Sinden Feed & Seed Inc. A Norwich
C-O-ON-NE-541 Sollio Groupe Coopératif – meunerie New-Liskeard A New Liskeard
C-O-ON-SW-692 Soulstone Poultry Inc. A Brussels
C-O-ON-CE-435 Spectrum Feed Services Ltd. A Moorefield
C-O-ON-CE-458 Spectrum Feed Services Ltd. – Extrusion Facility A Moorefield
C-O-ON-NE-568 Stirling Feed and Seed A Stirling
C-O-ON-NE-569 Sunderland Co-operative A Sunderland
C-O-ON-NE-595 Tartan Valley Minerals A Durham
R-O-ON-SW-4585 The Hitching Post Ltd. D St. Marys
C-O-ON-SW-659 Thorndale Farm Supplies Ltd. A Thorndale
C-O-ON-NE-572 Thunder Bay Feeds A Murillo
C-O-ON-SW-695 TJ'S Farms Inc. A Watford
C-O-ON-SW-645 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. (St. Marys – Plant 1) A St. Marys
C-O-ON-SW-674 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. (St. Marys – Plant 2) A St. Marys
R-O-ON-SW-4600 Uher's Performance Feeds Ltd. D Blenheim
R-O-ON-SW-4632 Vanastra Packaging A Vanastra
R-O-ON-NE-5109 Victoria Feeds, The Horse & Hound D Lindsay
C-O-ON-SW-619 Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd A Monkton
C-O-ON-CE-447 Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. (Mill # 2) A Wallenstein
C-O-ON-CE-448 Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. (Mill # 3) A Wallenstein
C-O-ON-CE-456 Wallenstein Feed & Supply Ltd. (Mill # 4) A Wallenstein
C-O-ON-CE-453 W-S Feed and Supply Ltd. (Mount Forest) A Mount Forest
C-O-ON-SW-668 W-S Feed and Supply Ltd. (Tavistock) A Tavistock
C-O-ON-SW-662 Yantzi's Feed & Seed Ltd. A Tavistock
C-O-ON-SW-678 Zehr Transport Ltd. A Ingersoll


Facility code Facility name Type of facility City
C-Q-QC-SH-362 ADM Agri-Industries Inc. A St-Valérien-de-Milton
R-Q-QC-SH-3671 ADM Nutrition Animale D Saint-Hyacinthe
C-Q-QC-QC-103 Agri-Marché Inc. A Saint-Isidore
C-Q-QC-SH-254 Agri-Marché Inc. A Saint-Jérôme
C-Q-QC-QC-107 Aliments Breton Inc. A Saint-Bernard
C-Q-QC-QC-215 Aliments Breton Inc. A Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon
C-Q-QC-QC-108 Aliments Breton Inc. A St-Marc-des-Carrières
C-Q-QC-QC-135 Avantis Coopérative A Saint-Philippe-de-Néri
C-Q-QC-QC-187 Avantis Coopérative A Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage
C-Q-QC-QC-195 Avantis Coopérative A Saint-Anselme
R-Q-QC-SH-3292 Beauce Mix D Saint-Elzéar
C-Q-QC-SH-259 Bélisle Solution Nutrition Inc. A St-Mathias-sur-Richelieu
C-Q-QC-SH-116 Bernard Breton inc. A Saint-Narcisse-de-Beaurivage
C-Q-QC-SH-252 Cargill Animal Nutrition A Drummondville
C-Q-QC-QC-102 Cargill Animal Nutrition A Lévis
C-Q-QC-SH-321 Cargill Animal Nutrition A Saint-Valérien-de-Milton
R-Q-QC-QC-3302 Coop Ste-Justine D Sainte-Justine
C-Q-QC-QC-125 Coopérative Agricole de St-Bernard A Saint-Bernard
C-Q-QC-QC-173 Coopérative Nutrinor A St-Bruno
R-Q-QC-SH-3735 DCL Nutrition et santé animales inc A St-Hyacinthe
C-Q-QC-SH-270 Entreprise agricole AMQ s.e.c. A Ange-Gardien
C-Q-QC-SH-271 Entreprise agricole AMQ s.e.c. A St-Pie
R-Q-QC-SH-3753 Essencia Nutrition Inc. A Lachine
R-Q-QC-QC-3036 Excel Nutrition D Saint-Patrice-de-Beaurivage
C-Q-QC-SH-269 Excell Porcs 2006 Inc. A St-Nazaire-d'Acton
C-Q-QC-SH-273 Ferme Bio-Rard A Ange-Gardien
C-Q-QC-QC-219 Ferme GM Le Porc Inc. A Montmagny
C-Q-QC-SH-281 Gérard Maheu Inc. A Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague
C-Q-QC-SH-251 Gérard Maheu Inc. – Dundee Feeds A Huntingdon
C-Q-QC-QC-158 H.L. Boisvert Inc. A Coaticook
C-Q-QC-SH-287 Jean-Marc Henri Inc. A St-Roch de l'Achigan
C-Q-QC-SH-288 Jefagro Technologies Inc. A Saint-Hyacinthe
C-Q-QC-SH-356 Jefo Nutrition Inc. A Saint-Hyacinthe
R-Q-QC-SH-3552 Jefo Nutrition Inc. D Saint-Hyacinthe
C-Q-QC-SH-262 La Coop Comax A Saint-Hyacinthe
C-Q-QC-SH-324 La Coop des Montérégiennes A Saint-Damase
C-Q-QC-QC-142 La Coop Purdel A Rimouski
C-Q-QC-QC-190 Lactech Inc. A Saint-Romuald
C-Q-QC-SH-291 Lactech Inc. A Saint-Bonaventure
C-Q-QC-SH-337 Les Aliments Promix Inc. A Wickham
C-Q-QC-SH-353 Les Aliments Serval Canada ltée A Louiseville
C-Q-QC-SH-295 Les Entreprises J.P. Robert inc. A Mirabel
C-Q-QC-QC-149 Les Nutriments Gillois (9035-1503 Québec Inc.) A Saint-Gilles
R-Q-QC-SH-3580 Magasin Du Cultivateur D St-Andre-Avellin
C-Q-QC-SH-301 Meunerie Benjamin Inc. A St-Césaire
C-Q-QC-QC-154 Meunerie Bernard Landry Ltée. A Saint-Noël
C-Q-QC-QC-220 Meunerie Berthiaume A Saint-Elzéar
C-Q-QC-QC-118 Meunerie Charlevoix Inc. A St-Urbain
C-Q-QC-QC-209 Meunerie Côté Girard inc. A Compton
C-Q-QC-QC-192 Meunerie de St-Frédéric Inc. A St-Frédéric
C-Q-QC-SH-303 Meunerie Deux-Montagnes A Saint-Eustache
C-Q-QC-QC-130 Meunerie Ducharme Inc. A Victoriaville
C-Q-QC-QC-191 Meunerie Gérard Soucy A Sainte-Croix
C-Q-QC-SH-260 Meunerie J. Bertrand Inc. A Bedford
C-Q-QC-SH-340 Meunerie J. Bertrand Inc. A Ste-Brigide-d'Iberville
C-Q-QC-QC-208 Meunerie Puriporc A St-Hénédine
C-Q-QC-SH-308 Meunerie Robitaille Inc. A Farnham
C-Q-QC-SH-285 Meunerie Saint-Hugues (7301901 Canada Inc.) A Saint-Hugues
C-Q-QC-SH-309 Meunerie Sansoucy et Fils Inc. A Racine
C-Q-QC-QC-162 Meunerie Sawyerville Inc. A Cookshire
C-Q-QC-SH-360 Meunerie Ste-Hélène Inc. A Ste-Hélène-de-Bagot
C-Q-QC-QC-193 Meunerie St-Patrice Inc. A Saint-Patrice-de-Beaurivage
C-Q-QC-QC-166 Meunerie Trans-Canada Inc. A Pintendre
C-Q-QC-SH-372 Meunerie Trivia A Saint-Hyacinthe
C-Q-QC-QC-168 Moulées M-Trihé Inc. A Saint-Anselme
C-Q-QC-SH-368 Novibio Inc. A Pointe-Claire
C-Q-QC-QC-169 Nutral Inc. A Saint-Bernard
C-Q-QC-SH-312 Nutrania Inc. A Saint-Hyacinthe
C-Q-QC-QC-170 Nutri-expert Bon Conseil Inc. A Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil
C-Q-QC-QC-171 Nutrigène Inc. A St-Isidore
R-Q-QC-QC-3141 Nutrition Athéna, Inc. A Lévis
C-Q-QC-SH-338 NXL Créateur d'additifs naturels Inc. A Saint-Hyacinthe
C-Q-QC-SH-282 Olier Grisé et Cie Ltée A St-Pie
C-Q-QC-QC-161 Patoine et Frères Inc. A Fortierville
C-Q-QC-QC-213 Prémix Goliath inc. A Saint-Elzéar
C-Q-QC-SH-320 Probiotech International Inc. A Saint-Hyacinthe
C-Q-QC-SH-322 Réal Mondou Inc. A Mirabel
C-Q-QC-QC-127 Sollio Groupe Coopératif – meunerie St-Romuald A Lévis
C-Q-QC-QC-128 Sollio Groupe Coopératif – usine MPX A Lévis
C-Q-QC-SH-289 Sollio Groupe Coopératif – meunerie Joliette A Joliette
R-Q-QC-QC-3033 Solutions Penergetic Inc. D Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce
C-Q-QC-SH-314 Trouw Nutrition Canada Inc. A St-Hyacinthe
C-Q-QC-SH-328 Viens & Frère (1980) inc. A Ayer's Cliff
C-Q-QC-QC-185 Vivaco Groupe Coopératif A Victoriaville


Facility code Facility name Type of facility City
C-W-SK-SK-888 Canadian Feed Research Centre B North Battleford
C-W-SK-SK-878 Cargill Animal Nutrition B North Battleford
R-W-SK-SK-7375 Connect OnFarm Inc. A Swift Current
C-W-SK-SK-855 EXL Milling Ltd. A Lloydminster
C-W-SK-SK-857 Federated Co-operatives Ltd. A Saskatoon
C-W-SK-SK-856 Federated Co-operatives Ltd. A Moosomin
R-W-SK-SK-7247 Fortified Nutrition Limited – Saskatoon Warehouse D Saskatoon
C-W-SK-SK-886 Leroy Feeds Ltd. A Leroy
C-W-SK-SK-860 Masterfeeds Inc. A Humboldt
C-W-SK-SK-866 Masterfeeds Inc. A Regina
C-W-SK-SK-861 Masterfeeds Inc. A Saskatoon
R-W-SK-SK-7033 Masterfeeds Inc. D Swift Current
R-W-SK-SK-7222 Matrix Environmental Solutions Ltd. D Saskatoon
R-W-SK-SK-7076 Matrix Environmental Solutions Ltd. D Swift Current
C-W-SK-SK-868 Milling Concepts Inc. A Lake Lenore
R-W-SK-SK-7366 More Than Just Feed D Warman
C-W-SK-SK-869 New Life Mills, A Division of Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited A Clavet
C-W-SK-SK-870 Northern Feeds Ltd A Spiritwood
C-W-SK-SK-882 O & T Farms Ltd. A Regina
C-W-SK-SK-883 Oleet Processing Ltd. A Regina
R-W-SK-SK-7279 PMT Inc. D Regina
C-W-SK-SK-851 Proveta Nutrition Ltd. A Bruno
R-W-SK-SK-7358 Proveta Nutrition Ltd. D Saskatoon
R-W-SK-SK-7359 Proveta Nutrition Ltd. D Swift Current
R-W-SK-SK-7345 Rebel Nutrition Inc. A Swift Current
R-W-SK-SK-7204 Sollio Agriculture Livestock Production – Western Canada Ltd. D Swift Current
C-W-SK-SK-873 Stoughton Feed Processing Inc. A Stoughton
C-W-SK-SK-876 Westway Feed Products A Weyburn
C-W-SK-SK-891 Willow Mills Ltd. A Osler

United States

Facility code Facility name Type of facility City, State
USA-19 Alltech Inc. A – USA Nicholasville, Kentucky
USA-29 Alltech Inc. A – USA Springfield, Kentucky
USA-10 Animix LLC B – USA Juneau, Wisconsin
USA-05 Devenish Nutrition LLC A – USA Fairmont, Minnesota
USA-18 Devenish Nutrition LLC A – USA Maquoketa, Iowa
USA-16 Fortified Nutrition Limited – Montana Warehouse D – USA Shelby, Montana
USA-22 Great Plains Processing A – USA Luverne, Minnesota
USA-24 Grober Nutrition A – USA Auburn, New York
USA-27 Land View, Inc. A – USA Rupert, Idaho
USA-14 Prince Agri Products, Inc. (Radio Road) A – USA Quincy, Illinois
USA-15 Prince Agri Products, Inc. (Postal Drive) A – USA Quincy, Illinois
USA-02 Provimi North America B – USA Lewisburg, Ohio
USA-11 Ridley Feed Ingredients B – USA Mendota, Illinois
USA-03 Sky Can Ltd. A – USA Cando, North Dakota
USA-09 Trouw Nutrition, LLC, Premix Plant A – USA Highland, Illinois
USA-25 Trouw Nutrition USA, LLC A – USA Neosho, Missouri
USA-20 Unipro International, Inc. D – USA Amarillo, TX
USA-17 United Animal Health, Inc. B – USA Griggsville, Illinois
USA-21 Westway Feed Products, LLC A – USA Seattle, WA
USA-23 Westway Feed Products, LLC A – USA Mapleton, ND
USA-26 Westway Feed Products, LLC. A – USA Saint Paul, Minnesota
USA-04 XF Enterprises, Inc. / Xtra Factors A – USA Pratt, KS


Facility code Facility name Type of facility City, State
Euro – 01 Trouw Nutrition Italia Spa A – Euro Mozzecane VR, Italy
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