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Bovine Tuberculosis (Bovine TB) investigation - British Columbia

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Latest situation (2020-05-28)

ProvinceNumber of infected herds under movement controlsNumber of herds under movement controls
British Columbia 0 0
Alberta 0 0
Saskatchewan 0 0
Total 0 0

All testing has been completed. The one infected herd has been depopulated and operations have resumed on land parcels where cleaning and disinfection has been completed. A total of four infected animals were found in one infected herd in British Columbia.


On November 9, 2018, laboratory testing results confirmed a case of bovine TB. The animal was traced to a farm in the southern interior of British Columbia. No portion of the animal entered the food chain.

The CFIA has completed culture testing of the tissue samples collected from the four infected animals. All four animals were infected with the same strain of bovine TB. This strain of bovine TB is distinct from any cases previously detected in Canadian wildlife or domestic livestock. This strain is not related to past cases of bovine TB in Alberta or British Columbia or anywhere else in Canada. The United States Department of Agriculture has confirmed that this strain has not been previously identified by its laboratory service.

Information for producers

Movement of cattle and other animals

Only animals that have been placed under movement controls by the CFIA are prevented from being moved without permission. Producers that have not been contacted by the CFIA are allowed to move animals (including sending cattle to auction markets and feed lots) but must comply with livestock identification requirements.

Producers with animals that are under movement controls must not move these animals without permission from the CFIA.

Movement controls and testing

As the disease investigation proceeds, additional animals will need to be placed under movement controls while they are tested for bovine TB.

Additional information and guidance from CFIA staff will be provided to individual producers if their animals are required to be placed under movement controls. While testing is completed as quickly as possible, movement controls remain in effect until all testable animals have tested negative for the disease.

If an animal under movement controls tests positive for bovine TB, the CFIA will follow established procedures for destruction and compensation.

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