General Producer Guide - National Avian On-Farm Biosecurity Standard
Annex B - Sample Standard Operating Procedures - Procedures for Barn Entry and Exit

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The following is an example of a set of procedures for minimizing disease carriage while moving personnel in and out of a barn. The process may vary among producers.

Irrespective of the method used, the goal is to create a separation between the internal environment (flock housing area) and the external environment (non-flock housing area).

Procedures for barn entry using an anteroom

  • Ensure that outerwear and footwear entering an anteroom are visibly clean.

    (Ensure that premises-designated footwear and outwear worn in the CAZ is free of manure, soil, and organic debris. If not, prior to entering the anteroom, brush off outerwear, and remove soil and other organic material from footwear - use a boot pail with a brush and clean solution of disinfectant - paying particular attention to the tread.)

  • Step into the anteroom.
  • Remove outerwear (coats, sweaters, coveralls), and store in an area designated for outside clothing.
  • Wash or sanitize hands.
  • Remove outside footwear. Step over a demarcation line or barrier (bench, painted line), and put on designated inside-barn footwear.
    • In some instances, footwear will be removed, and staff will walk through a corridor or around a partition prior to donning the clean footwear.
    • Benches work well and allow staff to remove outerwear first, sitting on the bench to remove outside footwear, turning 180 degrees to face the barn door access and donning footwear and barn-designated gear.
  • Put on barn-designated outerwear - coveralls, headcover, and gloves. (Wash hands again if clean gloves are not used.)
  • Step into the bird housing area.

Note: Cleaning and disinfecting barn-designated boots prior to entering the bird housing area will provide an added layer of security, removing any contaminants that may have been carried into the anteroom.

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An anteroom (yellow) with areas designated for outside clothing and footwear (to the left), a bench (centre), and areas designated for inside clothing and footwear (to the right), protects the flock housing area (red).

Procedures for barn exit using an anteroom

  • Brush or scrape off all organic material from barn-designated footwear before leaving the bird housing area.
  • Step into a footbath containing disinfectant, ensuring the outside of the footwear is thoroughly covered by disinfectant, paying particular attention to the tread.
  • Wash or sanitize hands, if possible.
  • Remove outerwear (while still wearing gloves, if worn), being careful to avoid touching the inside of clothing or coveralls.
  • Remove gloves.
  • Remove footwear and step over line demarcation on the floor, and put on outside footwear.
    • If a bench is being used, sit down and remove barn-designated footwear, turn 180 degrees, and put on outside-designated footwear.
    • If a corridor system is used, walk the length of the corridor and into the clean area before putting on outside-designated footwear.
  • Wash or sanitize hands.
  • Put on outside clothing, step through a footbath, and depart.

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