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Canadians get more variety in the beer and vodka aisles

Canada's beer and vodka compositional standards have been revised – allowing for industry to be more innovative and create new products that meet the needs of consumers. (July 2019)


Emerging science fostering regulatory policy development

Whole Genome Sequencing is an example of a new technology that can provide exquisitely detailed analyses of microbes on the basis of their entire genetic blueprint. (June 2020)

On the frontlines: delivering vital services during COVID-19

Every day, thousands of Canadians leave the safety of their homes, including inspectors for the CFIA, to deliver the frontline services we all need to carry on our way of life during the COVID-19 pandemic. (June 2020)

Calling all budding #JuniorCFIA scientists

Download our science activities to learn more about the fascinating world (and kitchen) around you. (June 2020)

Women in Science: Podcast with Katie Eloranta and Dr. Catherine Carrillo

In this podcast, two of our inspiring women scientists talk about their backgrounds and passion for science–and their advice to women and girls considering careers in STEM. Spoiler alert: "The sky's the limit!" (March 2020)

Pass the Mic: Talking about food recall communications

You ask, we answer. CFIA expert, Fred Jamieson, answers a question about retailers' role in telling consumers about food recalls. (February 2020)

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