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Going the extra mile for imported food safety

Cilantro: love it or loathe it? This is a story about how a small team of CFIA experts collaborated with Mexican authorities to establish new import requirements for this leafy (albeit polarizing) green. (September 2020)


Detecting marine biotoxins – CFIA and university students working to make a difference

Learn how a visit to a CFIA lab helped a group of students from the University of British Columbia with their project to develop a toxin detector that could help safeguard Canadian shellfish. (October 2019)

Canadians get more variety in the beer and vodka aisles

Canada's beer and vodka compositional standards have been revised – allowing for industry to be more innovative and create new products that meet the needs of consumers. (July 2019)

Are you a food importer? New requirements may apply to you

If you import food into Canada, you need to be aware of new food safety requirements including licensing under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR). (July 2019)

Women in Science – podcast with Dr. Émilie Larocque

Émilie Larocque's work at the CFIA's Saint-Hyacinthe Laboratory is focused on finding and identifying food viruses that affect our food. It is her passion for science that drives her to find solutions to keep our food safe. (June 2019)

Women in Science – podcast with Bree Ann Lightfoot and Dr. Lisa Hodges

Bree-Ann Lightfoot and Dr. Lisa Hodges work together at the Dartmouth Laboratory where they perform species identification testing of fish and fish products to confirm that companies are accurately labelling their products. (June 2019)

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