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Pass the Mic: Talking about food recall communications

February 2020

You ask, we answer. CFIA expert, Fred Jamieson, answers a question about retailers' role in telling consumers about food recalls.

Pass the Mic: Talking about food recall communications – Transcript

Marcel Joaquin: I notice that when I go to some retail stores, they have a bulletin board, where they would post notices of products that are currently under recall.

I am really happy to see that the Safe Food for Canadian Regulations is now in force and my question is to what extent does the new regulations encourage the practice of publicizing product recalls at the retail level?

Fred Jamieson: The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations make our food system even safer by focusing on prevention and allowing for faster removal of unsafe food from the marketplace. The regulations require companies to have traceability systems in place so that they are best prepared to recall products effectively.

As for retailers of recalled products, they must remove the product from sale immediately – but are not required to inform the consumer that a product is no longer on the shelf. The public is kept up-to-date about food recalls by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

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