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CFIA Scientists seek the Barcode of Life
CFIA Scientists seek the Barcode of Life

Imagine a world where all living things could identified through DNA extraction and sequencing.


Welcome to Chronicle 360 – CFIA from every angle

Chronicle 360 is more than just another online newsletter. Learn more about what we do and how we do it. (November 2019)

BioSAFE project uses genetic blueprints to study forest enemies

Canada is working hard to understand the genetic basis of invasive species and diseases so it can develop new tools to detect and combat these forest enemies. (November 2019)

Canada's Chief Veterinary Officer talks about the threat of African swine fever

Learn more about Canada's actions to respond to the threat of African swine fever. (July 2019)

Working for Canadians: Meet Kelly Brown, CFIA meat import/export specialist

Kelly Brown is an import/export specialist at the CFIA, affectionately known as the “Meat Import Lady.” (April 2019)

Message from the President and Executive Vice-President

As the new President of the CFIA, I am honoured to be leading this organization. It is clear there is no shortage of important work being done across the Agency. (April 2019)

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