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Canada getting new digital tools to help detect and prevent food safety incidents

In December 2019, Canada will be getting a new digital platform that encourages food safety partners to collaborate on new scientific research and routine surveillance – not just during outbreaks. (November 2018)


Working for Canadians: Meet Laurence Dionne-Wilson, CFIA analyst

Meet Laurence Dionne-Wilson - a Youth Ambassador for CFIA’s Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign and a Young Professionals Award winner. In this article, learn more about her story and work at CFIA. (March 2019)

A new way of assessing risk

The CFIA has been evolving the way we manage risk, support industry's ability to compete globally, and embrace technology to provide more efficient and responsive service. (March 2019)

Working for Canadians: Meet Barbara Peterson, CFIA horticulture specialist

If you are heading into an international negotiation in hopes of opening lucrative offshore markets for Canadian produce, you might want to call Barbara Peterson for some help. (March 2019)

Innovation and global competitiveness

Strong, flexible regulations that focus on prevention goes a long way in supporting the food industry's ability to innovate and compete globally. (January 2019)

Canada's veterinary services – among the best in the world

Canada is recognized as a top-performing country for its veterinary services and as a leading example in meeting international standards, according to a comprehensive evaluation by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). (November 2018)

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