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Women in Science: Vlog with Dr. Kalhari Bandara-Goonewardene

1, 2, 3…"Go science!" Do you love science as much as our own Dr. Bandara-Goonewardene? Watch her vlog to learn why this topic is near and dear to her heart. (February 2020)


Pass the Mic: talking about celiac disease

You ask, we answer. Experts from the Canadian Celiac Association and the CFIA answer a question about how both organizations work to support and protect those who need to steer clear of gluten. (February 2021)

The CFIA leads a new approach to One Health risk assessment for SARS-CoV-2

In early 2020, the first reports of pet dogs and cats testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 came to light from various countries. Veterinary science specialists at the CFIA recognized the need for rapid analysis of risks at the human-animal-environment interface to inform decision-making. (February 2021)

Myth versus fact: defining the role of the CFIA Inspector General

In this podcast, the CFIA's Inspector General, Scott Rattray, clears up common misconceptions about inspection activities while discussing his role at the Agency. (November 2020)

It's been one year of Chronicle 360

We look forward to bringing you even more articles, podcasts, videos and vlogs that cover CFIA from every angle. (November 2020)

#DigitalFirst: vlog with Dr. Stephani McLean

A veterinarian with farming and private practice experience, our own Dr. McLean explains the benefits doing business online through My CFIA for live bovine exports to the United States. (October 2020)

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