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Pass the Mic: Talking about Veterinarians

You ask, we answer. Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jaspinder Komal, answers a question about how CFIA works and partners with veterinary organizations to protect animal health and welfare. (October 2019)


Canada hosts COVID-19 international symposium

More than 1,000 scientists across the globe participated virtually in a CFIA-led symposium on COVID-19 with Canadian and international experts from academia, government and the private sector. (September 2020)

Tree checking tips

Calling all nature lovers: stumped on how and why you should check your trees? In this podcast, CFIA expert Ron Neville offers tips and tricks that could save the lives of these beloved giants. (August 2020)

Drone's eye view: on the lookout for kudzu

Not all plants are created equal. Some, like kudzu – an invasive woody perennial vine – pose a real danger to the environment. We have to stay one step ahead. And that's where drones come in. (August 2020)

Under the microscope: upholding scientific integrity

Listen to our podcast with Dr. Primal Silva, Chief Science Operating Officer, as he explains how and why you can have confidence in the CFIA’s science. (July 2020)

Emerging science fostering regulatory policy development

Whole Genome Sequencing is an example of a new technology that can provide exquisitely detailed analyses of microbes on the basis of their entire genetic blueprint. (June 2020)

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