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CFIA and the University of Guelph collaborate to advance the next generation of scientists

In the competitive job market of the 21st century, it takes a proactive and innovative employer to convey to students that their competencies are valued and sought after. (January 2019)


Women in Science: CFIA scientists investigate fruitful technology

What does the genetic code of your apple or grapes have to do with preventing the spread of plant pests and viruses? Four of our own women in science wrote a blog post to explain. (February 2020)

Pass the Mic: Talking about Veterinarians

You ask, we answer. Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jaspinder Komal, answers a question about how CFIA works and partners with veterinary organizations to protect animal health and welfare. (October 2019)

Pass the Mic: Talking about emerald ash borer signs and symptoms

You ask, we answer. CFIA expert, Ron Neville, answers a question on how to spot the signs and symptoms of emerald ash borer. (September 2019)

How do we use genomics in our research on plant pathogens?

My kids always ask me, "Dad what is your job? What do you do at work?" My response is simple, "I work with DNA. I use DNA to identify diseases affecting plants." (August 2019)

Canada's Chief Veterinary Officer talks about the threat of African swine fever

Learn more about Canada's actions to respond to the threat of African swine fever. (July 2019)

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