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CFIA and the University of Guelph collaborate to advance the next generation of scientists

In the competitive job market of the 21st century, it takes a proactive and innovative employer to convey to students that their competencies are valued and sought after. (January 2019)


What's in my firewood, and why should it matter?

Ah, a nice warm fire! Gathering around campfires in the summer or a hearth in the cold winter is classically Canadian. Firewood is plentiful and who doesn't like its cheery warm glow? (June 2019)

Women in Science – podcast with Dr. Ruojing Wang

From a very young age, Ruojing has always been fascinated by plants, and now works at the Saskatoon Laboratory to detect and identify their seeds to prevent the spread of unwanted plants in Canada. (June 2019)

Women in Science – podcast with Dr. Mireille Marcotte

Watch out for the full moon because that is when mosquitoes are more likely to bite! While mosquitoes can definitely bug you, Dr. Mireille Marcotte explains how it is actually the Asian longhorned beetle that is the invasive pest Canadians need to watch out for. (June 2019)

Women in Science – podcast with Dr. Susan Nadin-Davis

As a research scientist, Susan develops tests for bacteria and viruses. Her work in the Ottawa Laboratory (Fallowfield) helps reduce the impact of diseases, such as rabies, in animal populations and limits the chance of them spreading to people. (June 2019)

Women in Science – podcast with Dr. Hana Weingartl

With over 30 years as a scientist, Hana has taken the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience as a teacher in the classroom and in the lab as the head of special pathogens unit at the Winnipeg Laboratory. (June 2019)

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