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Drone's eye view: on the lookout for kudzu:

Not all plants are created equal. Some, like kudzu – an invasive woody perennial vine – pose a real danger to the environment. We have to stay one step ahead. And that's where drones come in. (August 2020)


Riding the e-commerce wave: be aware of risks of some online purchases

Canadians have been making record-high e-commerce purchases since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before placing your next order, be aware of the risks and responsibilities that come with purchasing food, plant and animal products. (January 2021)

eDNA: another tool in the toolbox

From the lab to the field, environmental DNA (eDNA) is a powerful technology that quickly detects the presence (or absence) of pathogens in the food, plants and animals all around us. (December 2020)

Myth versus fact: defining the role of the CFIA Inspector General

In this podcast, the CFIA's Inspector General, Scott Rattray, clears up common misconceptions about inspection activities while discussing his role at the Agency. (November 2020)

It's been one year of Chronicle 360

We look forward to bringing you even more articles, podcasts, videos and vlogs that cover CFIA from every angle. (November 2020)

Meet Lacy, a Canada Border Services Agency detector dog

In a lot of ways, Lacy’s like any other dog. But there's one big difference: she has a job to do! Watch her in action helping to protect you, the economy and the environment. (November 2020)

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