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Buy local, burn local – Pests in your firewood can destroy our forests

As you head out camping or pack up the car and trailer for your trip to the cottage, think twice before loading up your firewood. Moving untreated firewood, even just a few kilometers to or from a campground or cottage, is a common way for invasive insects and diseases to spread. (July 2019)


On the frontlines: delivering vital services during COVID-19

Every day, thousands of Canadians leave the safety of their homes, including inspectors for the CFIA, to deliver the frontline services we all need to carry on our way of life during the COVID-19 pandemic. (June 2020)

Bye bye beetle

Have you heard the good news? After several years of close monitoring, the Asian longhorned beetle has been eradicated in Mississauga and Toronto. (June 2020)

Calling all budding #JuniorCFIA scientists

Download our science activities to learn more about the fascinating world (and kitchen) around you. (June 2020)

Shopping online? Check with CFIA before checking out

Bringing certain food, plants, plant products, animals or animal products into Canada can pose a serious risk to our Canadian resources and economy, not to mention your wallet! (February 2020)

Women in Science: Vlog with Janine Maruschak

This month's International Year of Plant Health theme is all about seeds! Our own Janine Maruschak knows a thing or two about testing grain shipments to help keep invasive pests at bay. Watch her vlog for a look inside our Saskatoon Lab. (February 2020)

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