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Pass the Mic: Talking about emerald ash borer signs and symptoms

You ask, we answer. CFIA expert, Ron Neville, answers a question on how to spot the signs and symptoms of emerald ash borer. (September 2019)


BioSAFE project uses genetic blueprints to study forest enemies

Canada is working hard to understand the genetic basis of invasive species and diseases so it can develop new tools to detect and combat these forest enemies. (November 2019)

How do we use genomics in our research on plant pathogens?

My kids always ask me, "Dad what is your job? What do you do at work?" My response is simple, "I work with DNA. I use DNA to identify diseases affecting plants." (August 2019)

Buy local, burn local – Pests in your firewood can destroy our forests

As you head out camping or pack up the car and trailer for your trip to the cottage, think twice before loading up your firewood. Moving untreated firewood, even just a few kilometers to or from a campground or cottage, is a common way for invasive insects and diseases to spread. (July 2019)

What's in my firewood, and why should it matter?

Ah, a nice warm fire! Gathering around campfires in the summer or a hearth in the cold winter is classically Canadian. Firewood is plentiful and who doesn't like its cheery warm glow? (June 2019)

Women in Science – podcast with Dr. Mireille Marcotte

Watch out for the full moon because that is when mosquitoes are more likely to bite! While mosquitoes can definitely bug you, Dr. Mireille Marcotte explains how it is actually the Asian longhorned beetle that is the invasive pest Canadians need to watch out for. (June 2019)

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