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Pass the Mic: Talking about emerald ash borer signs and symptoms

You ask, we answer. CFIA expert, Ron Neville, answers a question on how to spot the signs and symptoms of emerald ash borer. (September 2019)


Women in Science – podcast with Anna-Mary Schmidt

Anna-Mary started out as a photographer, but her desire to discover nature led her to become a scientist at the Sidney Laboratory who works to keep Canada's grapevines and fruit safe. (June 2019)

Working at the plant hospital

"It does look like a hospital, but we only diagnose and we don't treat the plants." The work performed in the incredible building has always been a topic of rumour around our little town. (April 2019)

Small business risk-takers solving CFIA challenges

Through the Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) program, the CFIA is asking small businesses to step up to the plate to help solve challenges the Agency faces in its day-to-day work. (April 2019)

A new way of assessing risk

The CFIA has been evolving the way we manage risk, support industry's ability to compete globally, and embrace technology to provide more efficient and responsive service. (March 2019)

Working for Canadians: Meet Barbara Peterson, CFIA horticulture specialist

If you are heading into an international negotiation in hopes of opening lucrative offshore markets for Canadian produce, you might want to call Barbara Peterson for some help. (March 2019)

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