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Mireille Marcotte and Nishandan Yogasingam
Become a superhero! Download CFIA's new trading cards

Whether it's discovering plant pests in your own city or keeping bad bugs from hitching a ride on your firewood, using science lets you save the day.


More sharing, more safety

New digital tools will allow CFIA and its partners to better anticipate, detect and respond to food safety events and emergencies by harnessing the power of shared data. (November 2019)

Welcome to Chronicle 360 – CFIA from every angle

Chronicle 360 is more than just another online newsletter. Learn more about what we do and how we do it. (November 2019)

BioSAFE project uses genetic blueprints to study forest enemies

Canada is working hard to understand the genetic basis of invasive species and diseases so it can develop new tools to detect and combat these forest enemies. (November 2019)

Detecting marine biotoxins – CFIA and university students working to make a difference

Learn how a visit to a CFIA lab helped a group of students from the University of British Columbia with their project to develop a toxin detector that could help safeguard Canadian shellfish. (October 2019)

CFIA scientists seek the Barcode of Life

Imagine a world where all living things could be identified through DNA extraction and sequencing. (September 2019)

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