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Calling all budding #JuniorCFIA scientists!

Download our science activities to learn more about the fascinating world (and kitchen) around you. (May 2020)


Foot-and-Mouth Disease: a good offence is the best defence

Each year, government veterinarians from Canada and the United States participate in a Foot-and-Mouth Disease emergency preparation course. In 2020, private sector veterinarians from Canada had the opportunity to join for the first time. (July 2020)

Emerging science fostering regulatory policy development

Whole Genome Sequencing is an example of a new technology that can provide exquisitely detailed analyses of microbes on the basis of their entire genetic blueprint. (June 2020)

How Canada paved the road for COVID-19 testing in Ghana

When employees from Global Affairs Canada and CFIA joined forces with veterinary staff in Ghana in 2018, no one anticipated that they would be called to combine their efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic less than two years later. (June 2020)

Women in Science: Podcast with Katie Eloranta and Dr. Catherine Carrillo

In this podcast, two of our inspiring women scientists talk about their backgrounds and passion for science–and their advice to women and girls considering careers in STEM. Spoiler alert: "The sky's the limit!" (March 2020)

Women in Science: Vlog with Dr. Kalhari Bandara-Goonewardene

1, 2, 3…“Go science!” Do you love science as much as our own Dr. Bandara-Goonewardene? Watch her vlog to learn why this topic is near and dear to her heart. (February 2020)

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