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Mental health support – Guidance and resources for CFIA employees

What we are all experiencing during this COVID-19 pandemic situation may be unlike anything we've ever experienced before. At times, we have had to quickly adjust and adapt to new or changed routines, and this can cause feelings of confusion, frustration, anxiety, stress, vulnerability, loneliness - even fear - in different aspects of our lives.

On the macro level, a duty to respond kicks in quickly and everyday heroes rise to the challenge: in hospitals and health care settings to tend to the sick; in plants and establishments to produce needed goods and supplies for Canadians and to keep the economy going; and, in numerous other sectors where people are innovating solutions to problems - even staying home to share mutual support in limiting the virus' reach. On the micro level, however, the reality may be very different: less of a kick and more of a slow uneasiness culminating to a point of acceptance. It is important to acknowledge these feelings and engage in an honest and open dialogue about them.

You are encouraged to consult the resources available to you, your families and other loved ones during this challenging time and to seek help when you need it.

Continue to stay up to date through the and websites, as well as the Managers' Guide (internal access only – RDIMS 12805218), which is updated as required.

Please contact the Mental Health & Wellness team if you require further information regarding these mental health resources or if you do not have access to Merlin or RDIMS.

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