Food recalls: what's the deal?

Keeping on top of food recalls is easy. There are many ways to stay connected to protect yourself and your family.

Food recalls: What's the Deal? – Transcript/Captions

A man stands on a city street, sending a text message on his cell phone: "Feeling better today?"

A woman sits on the toilet in her bathroom, holding a cell phone. Her stomach growls. She replies to the text message: "not really…"

The man responds: "Wait, have u seen this?" He sends a picture of a CFIA food recall notice.

The woman replies: "whaaaaat?!"

Upbeat music plays as the video series title is shown on screen: "What's the Deal?"

A spokesperson appears in front of a colourful animated background. He speaks directly to the viewer.

Are you signed up for food recalls? You should be!

Canada's food system is illustrated with footage of a wheat field, red peppers being processed, and a woman shopping for groceries.

Canada has one of the safest food systems in the world, but recalls can still happen.

A woman holds a tablet displaying a CFIA food recall. An animated arrow points from the recall to icons for Twitter, Facebook, email and the web.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency publishes recall notices on Social Media, through email, and on the web.

The spokesperson appears in front of footage of common food allergens: Milk, tree nuts, egg, sesame, lobster, red wine (representing sulfites), peanuts, and white flour (representing gluten).

You can sign up for all alerts, or even just recalls about certain allergens.

Don't get stuck like this!

The woman on the toilet is shown. The toilet flushes. The woman cries. A red strike-out symbol appears in front of her crying face.

Sign up. Get the recalls.

A different woman stands at her fridge, reading the label on a jar of food.

To check a product in your home, compare the lot code and the UPC with the info from the recall notice.

The spokesperson speaks to the viewer.

If you've got a recalled product, don't eat it!

If you're sick, call your doctor.

A doctor answers her telephone.

The spokesperson reappears. Images appear beside him: A CFIA food recall, social media icons, and icons for email and the web.

Food recalls – get them in your news feed, in your email, or on the web.

Sign up at

The website address is displayed:

The CFIA corporate animation plays. It shows images that represent the work of the Agency including a petri dish, strawberries, a growing plant, a chicken and a maple leaf.

Text: CFIA – Safeguarding with Science

Canada wordmark. Copyright Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), 2018.

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