Food safety for consumers

You can help protect yourself and your family by following safe food handling practices at home and staying informed about food recalls and allergy alerts.

Recalls and safety alerts

Find recalls, advisories and safety alerts.

Where to report a complaint

Find the property authority to contact for your food-related complaint or concern.

Canada's food safety system

Protecting Canadians from preventable food safety hazards.

The food recall process

A 5-step process to investigate and determine if a food recall is necessary.

Food labelling

You can use food labels to make more informed choices about the food you purchase.

Food fraud

Food fraud may occur when food is misrepresented and can pose serious health risks.

Fact sheets and infographics

Tips to help you make informed decisions about food.

Canadian Food Safety Information Network (CFSIN)

A collaborative network of federal, provincial and territorial food safety authorities.