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Denomination: 'Carol'
Botanical Name: Geranium cinereum
Applicant/Holder: Lowe, Carl Marius
Chasty Court, Chasty, Holsworthy
EX22 6NA
United Kingdom
Breeder: Carl Marius Lowe, Devon, United Kingdom
Agent in Canada: Variety Rights Management
475 County Road 18
R.R. #2
Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0
Tel: 613-258-9015
Application Date: 2002-01-11
Application Number: 02-2958
Grant of Rights Date: 2006-03-03
Certificate Number: 2398
Date rights revoked: 2019-03-03

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Splendens' and 'Purple Pillow'

Summary: 'Carol' has a slightly wider leaf width than 'Purple Pillow'. 'Carol' has dark green leaves while 'Purple Pillow' has dark grey green leaves. 'Carol' has purple flowers with white colour between the veins and towards the base while 'Splendens' has solid violet flowers and 'Purple Pillow' has dark violet flowers with strong venation and white colour between the veins and towards the base.


'Carol' is a vegetatively reproduced, perennial geranium variety. 'Carol' has a mounded growth habit. The stems are dark green in colour and have medium to dense pubescence.

The simple leaves are arranged in a rosette and are orbicular in shape with an acute shaped apex and cordate to sagittate shaped base. The leaf margin is lobed. The upper and lower side of the leaf blade has medium to dense pubescence. The upper side of the leaf blade is dark green in colour and there is no leaf variegation.

'Carol' flowers early in the season and flowers once for a long period of time. The peduncle has no anthocyanin. The flowers are simple and axillary in position. The flower has an erect attitude. There are five petals which are touching. The petals are rounded in shape with a retuse apex. The petals have no pubescence on the upper side. The flowers are purple in colour.

Origin & Breeding History: 'Carol' was selected by C. Lowe in New Port, United Kingdom in 1997. It originated from cross between unknown parents. The variety was selected on the basis of its improved floral and plant characteristics.

Tests & Trials: 'Carol' was tested at Oxford Station, Ontario in the summer/fall of 2004. The trial included 10 plants per variety which were grown in the field. Plants were spaced .35 meters apart. All colour characteristics were determined using the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Colour Chart (1995 green box edition) and measured characteristics were based on ten measurements.

Comparison tables for 'Carol' with reference varieties 'Splendens' and 'Purple Pillow'

Leaf length (cm)

  'Carol' 'Splendens' 'Purple Pillow'
mean 3.9 4.1 3.32
std. deviation 0.23 0.25 0.35

Main colour of petal (RHS)

  'Carol' 'Splendens' 'Purple Pillow'
upper side 74A/B 78A 83A/B
lower side 74B 78B 77A
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