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Denomination: 'SMSXPM'
Trade name: Scent and Sensibility Pink
Botanical Name: Syringa
Applicant/Holder: Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc.
12601 120th Avenue
Grand Haven, Michigan
United States of America
Breeder: Timothy D. Wood, Spring Lake, United States of America
Agent in Canada: BioFlora Inc.
38723 Fingal Line
R.R. #1
St. Thomas, Ontario
N5P 3S5
Tel: 519-317-7511
Application Date: 2012-08-10
Application Number: 12-7702
Grant of Rights Date: 2015-06-30
Certificate Number: 5077
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2035-06-30

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Palibin' and 'Pink Perfume' (Bloomerang Pink Perfume)

Summary: The plants of 'SMSXPM' are upright to spreading while those of 'Palibin' are upright. The plants of 'SMSXPM' are taller than those of both reference varieties. The leaf blade of 'SMSXPM' is larger than that of both reference varieties. The leaf margin of 'SMSXPM' has strong undulation whereas that of 'Pink Perfume' has medium undulation. The flower bud of 'SMSXPM' is purple whereas that of 'Palibin' is violet and that of 'Pink Perfume' is brown purple. The inflorescence of 'SMSXPM' is longer than that of both reference varieties. The flower of 'SMSXPM' has a strong fragrance while that of both reference varieties has a moderate fragrance. The corolla of 'SMSXPM' is smaller in diameter than that of 'Pink Perfume'. The reblooming tendency of 'SMSXPM' is absent to weak while it is strong for 'Pink Perfume'.


PLANT: upright to spreading growth habit, medium density branching, medium to many inflorescences
ONE-YEAR-OLD SHOOT: grey brown

LEAF: simple, sinuses absent, broad ovate, cuneate base, strong undulation of margin, medium green on upper side in spring

FLOWER BUD: purple (closest to RHS 70A-B)
INFLORESCENCE: upright attitude, conic and conic to cylindric, medium to dense density of flowers
FLOWER: strong fragrance, single, absent to weak tendency of reblooming
COROLLA LOBE: semi-erect attitude, broad elliptic, absent or weak undulation, medium to strong incurving of margin, acute apex, inner side is violet (RHS 75B)
COROLLA TUBE: outer side is violet (RHS 75B) with light blue violet (RHS 76B) tones and a violet (RHS 75A-B) base
ANTHER: purple
FLOWERING PERIOD: begins early in the season

Origin & Breeding History: 'SMSXPM' originated from a cross between the female parent 'Josee' and the male parent 'Red Pixie' conducted by the breeder, Timothy D. Wood, an employee of Spring Meadow Nursery, Inc. in Grand Haven, Michigan, USA in the spring of 2004. This variety was selected in the spring of 2006 based on its plant habit, fragrance, flower bud colour and flower colour.

Tests & Trials: The comparative trial for 'SMSXPM' was conducted in a polyhouse during the spring of 2014 at BioFlora Inc. in St. Thomas, Ontario. The trial included a total of 10 shrubs each of the candidate and reference variety. All plants were grown from quick-turn liners and planted into 8.8 litre containers on June 7, 2013. Observations and measurements were taken from 10 plants of each variety on April 3, 2014, except for flower characteristics which were taken on April 29, 2014. All colour determinations were made using the 2007 Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Colour Chart.

Comparison tables for 'SMSXPM' with reference varieties 'Palibin' and 'Pink Perfume'

Plant height (cm)

  'SMSXPM' 'Palibin' 'Pink Perfume'
mean 35.3 25.3 28.4
std. deviation 5.47 1.87 4.64

Leaf blade length (cm)

  'SMSXPM' 'Palibin' 'Pink Perfume'
mean 5.9 3.7 3.9
std. deviation 0.46 0.23 0.48

Leaf blade width (cm)

  'SMSXPM' 'Palibin' 'Pink Perfume'
mean 3.7 3.4 2.6
std. deviation 0.30 0.12 0.32

Inflorescence length (cm)

  'SMSXPM' 'Palibin' 'Pink Perfume'
mean 15.9 10.6 8.9
std. deviation 3.47 1.25 0.95

Colour of flower bud (RHS)

  'SMSXPM' 'Palibin' 'Pink Perfume'
main closest to 70A-B 75A 186A

Diameter of corolla (cm)

  'SMSXPM' 'Palibin' 'Pink Perfume'
mean 0.8 0.9 1.0
std. deviation 0.12 0.07 0.09

Click on image for larger view
Lilac: 'SMSXPM' (left) with reference varieties 'Palibin' (centre) and 'Pink Perfume' (right)

Click on image for larger view
Lilac: 'SMSXPM' (left) with reference varieties 'Palibin' (centre) and 'Pink Perfume' (right)

Click on image for larger view
Lilac: 'SMSXPM' (left) with reference varieties 'Palibin' (centre) and 'Pink Perfume' (right)

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