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Reeves Kingpin


Denomination: 'Reeves Kingpin'
Botanical Name: Solanum tuberosum
Applicant/Holder: University of Maine
Research & Economic Development
5717 Corbett Hall
Orono, Maine
United States of America
Breeder: Alvin F. Reeves, University of Maine, Presque Isle, United States of America
Agent in Canada: McCain Produce Inc.
8734 Main Street
Unit 1
Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick
E7L 3G6
Tel: 506-392-2893
Application Date: 2006-04-05
Application Number: 06-5418
Date abandoned: 2011-05-05

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Shepody' and 'Russet Burbank'

Summary: The leaves of 'Reeves Kingpin' are shorter and narrower than those of both reference varieties. The lateral leaflets of 'Reeves Kingpin' are medium in size whereas they are very large in 'Russet Burbank'. The light sprout base of 'Reeves Kingpin' has strong anthocyanin colouration with a high proportion of blue whereas the reference varieties have a medium intensity of anthocyanin colouration and no or very low proportion of blue. The light sprout base of 'Reeves Kingpin' has medium density of pubescence whereas it is very dense on 'Shepody' and dense on 'Russet Burbank'.


PLANT: semi-upright growth habit, intermediate type foliage structure

STEM: weak anthocyanin colouration, thin to medium thickness of main stem, absent or very low swelling at nodes

LEAVES: dark green, intermediate silhouette, absent or very weak anthocyanin colouration on upper side of rachis and petiole, absent to very low frequency of coalescence, medium depth of veins, absent or very weak waviness of margin, medium glossiness of upper side, weak pubescence, weak presence of secondary leaflets
TERMINAL LEAFLET: medium ovate, acuminate tip, obtuse to cordate base
LATERAL LEAFLET: medium size, narrowly ovate, acute to acuminate tip, obtuse to cordate base

INFLORESCENCE: medium to high flowering profusion, medium size
FLOWER BUD: strong persistence, strong intensity of anthocyanin colouration
COROLLA: red-violet, medium anthocyanin colouration on inner surface, large, weak prominence of star
PEDUNCLE: weak anthocyanin colouration

TUBER: oblong, white flesh with no secondary colour
TUBER EYES: shallow, evenly distributed, slight prominence of eyebrows
TUBER SKIN: light beige, beige at base of eye, strong anthocyanin colouration of skin in reaction to light, russetted texture

LIGHT SPROUT: medium size, ovoid shape, few root tips, short lateral shoots
LIGHT SPROUT BASE: strong anthocyanin colouration, high proportion of blue in anthocyanin colouration, medium density of pubescence
LIGHT SPROUT TIP: smaller in size than base, closed habit, absent or very weak anthocyanin colouration, sparse pubescence

Origin & Breeding History: 'Reeves Kingpin' originated from the cross of 'CS7981-7' and 'CF7608-19', made at the University of Maine Potato Breeding Program at the Aroostook Research Farm, Presque Isle, Maine, USA in 1985. The seedling was first selected in the field in 1993.

Tests & Trials: Trials for 'Reeves Kingpin' were conducted in Central Blissville, New Brunswick in 2008. All entries were planted in single-row plots. Plots consisted of rows 22 metres long spaced 91 cm apart with 30 cm in row spacing between plants. Measured characteristics were based on 10 measurements. Colour determinations were made using the 1986 RHS colour chart.

Comparison tables for 'Reeves Kingpin' with reference varieties 'Shepody' and 'Russet Burbank'

Plant height (cm)

  'Reeves Kingpin' 'Shepody' 'Russet Burbank'
mean 68.7 67.1 76.2
std. deviation 3.2 4.3 3.3

Leaf length (cm)

  'Reeves Kingpin' 'Shepody' 'Russet Burbank'
mean 22.5 28.4 27.2
std. deviation 2.1 1.2 1.8

Leaf width (cm)

  'Reeves Kingpin' 'Shepody' 'Russet Burbank'
mean 12.1 14.3 16.4
std. deviation 1.7 1.2 2.2

Colour of corolla (RHS)

  'Reeves Kingpin' 'Shepody' 'Russet Burbank'
inner surface 85B 85A 157B

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Reeves Kingpin
Potato: 'Reeves Kingpin' (centre) with reference varieties 'Russet Burbank' (left) and 'Shepody' (right)

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