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DarkRed Chieftain


Denomination: 'DarkRed Chieftain'
Botanical Name: Solanum tuberosum
Applicant/Holder: Cultures Quinto Inc.
295 route 363
Sainte-Ubalde, Quebec
G0A 4L0
Breeder: Philippe Parent, Saint-Ubalde, Quebec
Application Date: 2007-03-22
Application Number: 07-5797
Grant of Rights Date: 2009-07-28
Certificate Number: 3555
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2027-07-28

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Chieftain', 'Norland', 'Nordonna' and 'LaRouge'

Summary: 'DarkRed Chieftain' differs mainly from the reference varieties in plant foliage structure, plant height, time of maturity, waviness of margin of the terminal and lateral leaflets, anthocyanin colouration on the upper side of the leaf rachis, flower bud and corolla, inflorescence size, corolla colour and tuber skin colour. 'DarkRed Chieftain' has an intermediate foliage structure while 'Norland' has a leaf type structure and 'LaRouge' has a stem type structure. 'DarkRed Chieftain' is taller than 'Norland'. The time of maturity for 'DarkRed Chieftain' is later than the other reference varieties. 'DarkRed Chieftain' has stronger waviness of the leaf margin in comparison to the reference varieties. The anthocyanin colouration on the upper side of the leaf rachis, flower bud and corolla is stronger for 'DarkRed Chieftain' than the reference varieties. 'DarkRed Chieftain' has a smaller inflorescence than 'Chieftain', 'Norland' and 'Nordonna'. The inner side of the corolla is blue-violet for 'DarkRed Chieftain' while it is red-violet for 'Chieftain', 'Norland' and 'LaRouge'. 'DarkRed Chieftain' has a darker red tuber skin than the reference varieties.


PLANT: upright to semi-upright growth habit, intermediate type foliage structure, late maturity
STEM: thin, medium anthocyanin colouration along the centre of the stem, nodes with no or very weak swelling

LEAVES: medium to dark green, intermediate silhouette, strong anthocyanin colouration on upper side of rachis, medium anthocyanin colouration on upper side of petiole, medium depth of veins, very strong waviness of margin, medium glossiness on upper side, pubescence present on leaves of apical rosette, medium number of secondary leaflets
TERMINAL LEAFLET: broadly ovate shape, cuspidate tip, cordate base, absent or very low frequency of coalescence with lateral leaflets
LATERAL LEAFLET: small, medium ovate shape, cuspidate tip, lobed base

INFLORESCENCE: low flowering profusion, small, flower buds are persistent, strong anthocyanin colouration of flower bud
COROLLA: blue-violet on inner side, small, prominant star, medium strong anthocyanin colouration of inner side and strong anthocyanin colouration on the peduncle

TUBER: round
TUBER SKIN: dark red, red at base of eye, smooth and rough texture
TUBER EYES: intermediate depth, predominantly apical distribution, medium prominence of eyebrows
TUBER FLESH: white, no secondary colour

LIGHT SPROUT: small, conical shape, many root tips, short lateral shoots
BASE: very strong anthocyanin colouration, high proportion of blue in anthocyanin colouration, medium dense pubescence
TIP: same size as base, closed to intermediate habit, moderate anthocyanin colouration, dense pubescence

Origin & Breeding History: 'DarkRed Chieftain' originated from the self pollination of the variety 'Chieftain' in 2002. The first clonal selection of 'Do02-21' took place in 2002. The selection criteria included skin colour and overall general appearance. The final selection took place in St-Ubalde in September 2006.

Tests & Trials: The trials for 'DarkRed Chieftain' were conducted in St-Ubalde, Quebec in 2007. All entries were planted in single-row plots. The trial had a total of 60 plants per variety and was divided between two replicates. The plots consisted of 4 rows x 6 metres with each row containing approximately 15 plants which were spaced 40 cm apart and row spacing of 91.5 cm. Measured characteristics were based on 10 measurements.

Comparison tables for 'DarkRed Chieftain' with reference varieties 'Chieftain', 'Norland', 'Nordonna' and 'LaRouge'

Plant height (cm)

  'DarkRed Chieftain' 'Chieftain' 'Norland' 'Nordonna' 'LaRouge'
mean 69.00 67.75 59.75 70.25 67.00
std. deviation 7.5 2.5 5.1 3.6 3.9

Corolla colour (RHS)

  'DarkRed Chieftain' 'Chieftain' 'Norland' 'Nordonna' 'LaRouge'
inner side 77D 76D 69A 75C 65A

Tuber colour (RHS)

  'DarkRed Chieftain' 'Chieftain' 'Norland' 'Nordonna' 'LaRouge'
skin 71B 39B 37A 52A 38A

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DarkRed Chieftain
Potato: 'DarkRed Chieftain' (left) with reference variety 'Chieftain' (right)

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DarkRed Chieftain
Potato: 'DarkRed Chieftain' (right) with reference variety 'Norland' (left)

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DarkRed Chieftain
Potato: Reference varieties 'Nordonna' (left) and 'La Rouge' (right)

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