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Denomination: 'SP213'
Botanical Name: Solanum tuberosum
Applicant/Holder: SunRise Produce
5990 County Road 15, R.R. #3
Alliston, Ontario
L9R 1V3
Breeder: Peter VanderZaag, SunRise Produce, Alliston, Ontario
Application Date: 2008-05-06
Application Number: 08-6330
Grant of Rights Date: 2012-04-20
Certificate Number: 4301
Date rights revoked: 2016-04-20

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Atlantic' and 'Snowden'

Summary: 'SP213' matures late to very late while the reference varieties mature mid-season. The stem of 'SP213' has absent to very weak anthocyanin colouration while it is weak to medium in 'Atlantic'. 'SP213' has a dark green leaf colour while it is light to medium green in 'Atlantic'. The lateral leaflet of 'SP213' is medium sized while it is large in 'Snowden'. 'SP213' has veins on the terminal and lateral leaflets that are moderate in depth while they are shallow in 'Snowden'. 'SP213' has a large inflorescence while it is medium sized in the reference varieties. The corolla of 'SP213' and 'Atlantic' is red-violet while it is white in 'Snowden'. 'SP213' has a strong anthocyanin colouration of the inner surface of the corolla while it is medium in 'Atlantic'. 'SP213' has a very prominent star of the corolla while the reference varieties do not. The skin texture of 'SP213' is smooth while it is rough in the reference varieties. 'SP213' has a spherical light sprout shape while it is ovoid in the reference varieties. The anthocyanin colouration at the base of the light sprout of 'SP213' is strong while it is weak in 'Snowden'. 'SP213' has sparse pubescence at the base of the light sprout while it is medium in 'Atlantic'. The habit of the tip of the light sprout of 'SP213' is closed while it is intermediate in the reference varieties. 'SP213' has medium anthocyanin colouration of the tip of the light sprout while it is weak in 'Atlantic' and absent to very weak in 'Snowden'. The pubescence of the tip of the light sprout of 'SP213' is sparse while it is dense in 'Atlantic' and absent to very sparse in 'Snowden'. 'SP213' has a few root tips on the light sprout while there are medium number in 'Snowden'.


PLANT: semi-upright growth habit, intermediate type foliage structure

STEM: absent or very weak anthocyanin colouration, thin to medium thickness of main stem, low to medium swelling at nodes

LEAVES: dark green, intermediate to open silhouette, absent or very weak anthocyanin colouration on upper side of rachis and of petiole, absent or very low frequency of coalescence, medium depth of veins, weak waviness of margin, dull to medium glossiness of upper side, pubescence on blade, medium presence of secondary leaflets
TERMINAL LEAFLET: medium ovate, acuminate tip, cordate base
LATERAL LEAFLET: medium size, medium ovate, acuminate tip, cordate base

INFLORESCENCE: high flowering profusion, large size
FLOWER BUD: strong persistence, medium intensity of anthocyanin colouration
COROLLA: red-violet, strong anthocyanin colouration on inner surface, medium to large size, strong prominence of star
PEDUNCLE: weak anthocyanin colouration

TUBER: round, white flesh with no secondary colour
TUBER EYES: intermediate depth, evenly distributed, no prominence of eyebrows
TUBER SKIN: light beige, white at base of eye, smooth texture

LIGHT SPROUT: medium size, spherical shape, low number of root tips, short lateral shoots
LIGHT SPROUT BASE: strong anthocyanin colouration, medium proportion of blue in anthocyanin colouration, sparse pubescence
LIGHT SPROUT TIP: medium in size in relation to the base, closed habit, medium anthocyanin colouration, sparse pubescence

Origin & Breeding History: 'SP213' is the result of the cross of Allegany x E55-35 made in 1989 in Ithaca, New York, USA. An initial population of 45,000 seedling tubers were planted and evaluated in Alliston, Ontario in 1991. Clones were selected and planted as single hills in 1992 with subsequent selections planted as 5 hills in 1993 and then as 20 hills in 1994. Selection criteria included tuber quality, adaptation, yield, resistance and processing traits.

Tests & Trials: Trials were conducted in Alliston, Ontario in 2008. Plots consisted of 2 rows, with a row length of 6 meters, a plant spacing of 30 cm within the row and a row spacing of 1 meter. There were 30 plants per plot. There were two replicates.

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Potato: 'SP213' (centre) with reference varieties 'Atlantic' (left) and 'Snowden' (right)

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