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Denomination: 'S23-T5'
Botanical Name: Glycine max
Applicant/Holder: Syngenta Canada Inc.
15910 Medway Road
R.R. #1
Arva, Ontario
Breeder: Don McClure, Syngenta Canada Inc., Arva, Ontario
Application Date: 2008-02-22
Application Number: 08-6189
Grant of Rights Date: 2011-02-10
Certificate Number: 4002
Date rights revoked: 2013-07-05

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'S26-F9'

Summary: The hypocotyl of 'S23-T5' has anthocyanin colouration present while 'S26-F9' does not. 'S23-T5' flowers earlier than 'S26-F9'. The flower of 'S23-T5' is purple while it is white in 'S26-F9'. 'S23-T5' has light tawney pubescence on the middle third of the stem while it is grey in 'S26-F9'. The pod colour of 'S23-T5' is tan while it is brown in 'S26-F9'. 'S23-T5' has a duller seed coat lustre than 'S26-F9'.


HYPOCOTYL: very weak anthocyanin colouration

PLANT: oilseed type, indeterminate growth type, erect growth habit, light tawney pubescence on middle third of stem

LEAF: medium green, pointed ovate lateral leaflet

FLOWER: purple

POD: tan colour
SEED: spherical rounded, medium size, dull lustre, yellow ground colour of testa, imperfect yellow hilum colour, yellow colour of hilum funicle, medium sized hilum, normal abscission layer

MATURITY: group II, 3100 heat unit rating

DISEASE RESISTANCE: resistant to cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) races 3 & 14

AGRONOMY: good resistance to shattering and lodging

QUALITY: 41.3 % protein, 20.5% oil

Origin & Breeding History: 'S23-T5' was developed from the cross 74222 / 38154 made in Owatonna, Minnesota in the summer of 2000. Generations F1-F2 were grown in a winter nursery in Kekaha, Hawaii in the fall of 2000-2001. The F3 was grown in Owatonna, Minnesota in the summer of 2001. The F4-F5 generation were grown in a winter nursery in Kekaha, Hawaii in the fall of 2001-2002. The F6 generation was grown in Owatonna, Minnesota in the summer of 2002 where single plants were selected. The progeny of these plants were grown in a single replicate trial in Owatonna, Minnesota in the summer of 2003. One of these lines was identified as 03KL015303 and was selected based on superior agronomic attributes and retained for further testing. 03KL015303 was subsequently tested in multiple environments in Canada and the USA until 2006 and was known in the final testing stages as XC2370.

Tests & Trials: Tests and trials were conducted in Arva, Ontario during the years 2007-2009. Plots consisted of 2 rows with a row length of 4 metres and row spacing of 75 cm. There were two replicates.

Comparison tables for 'S23-T5' with reference variety 'S26-F9'

Days to flowering (planting to 50% of plants showing one or more flowers)

  'S23-T5' 'S26-F9'
mean 54 56

Seeds weight (grams per 100 seed)

  'S23-T5' 'S26-F9'
mean 17.2 19.8

Days to maturity

  'S23-T5' 'S26-F9'
mean 116 118

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Soybean: 'S23-T5' (right) with reference variety 'S26-F9' (left)

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