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Denomination: 'Angelica'
Botanical Name: Glycine max
Applicant/Holder: Saatzucht Donau Ges. m. b. h. & CoKG
Saatzuchtstrasse 11
Breeder: Bernhard Mayr, Saatzucht Donau Ges. m. b. h. & CoKG, Probstdorf, Austria
Agent in Canada: C & M Seeds
6180 5th Line
Palmerston, Ontario
N0G 2P0
Tel: 519-343-2126
Application Date: 2018-05-07
Provisional Protection:: 2018-05-07
Application Number: 18-9464

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'OAC Durham', 'S07-D2' and 'S07-M8'

Summary: The hypocotyl of 'Angelica' has a weak intensity of anthocyanin colouration whereas the hypocotyl of 'OAC Durham' has no anthocyanin colouration. When 95% of the pods are ripe, the hairs on the middle third of the stem of 'Angelica' are tawny whereas they are grey for 'OAC Durham' and 'S07-D2'. The plants of 'Angelica' are taller than those of 'OAC Durham' and 'S07-M8'. The flower colour of 'Angelica' is violet whereas it is white for 'OAC Durham'. The plants of 'Angelica' are later maturing than those of the reference varieties. At maturity, the 100 seed weight for 'Angelica' is greater than the 100 seed weight of the reference varieties.


PLANT: oilseed type, indeterminate growth type, erect growth habit, tawny pubescence on middle third of main stem, begins flowering and matures mid to late season

HYPOCOTYL: weak intensity of anthocyanin colouration

LEAF: medium to strong blistering
LATERAL LEAFLET: rounded ovate
TERMINAL LEAFLET: ovoid, medium size

FLOWER: violet

POD: medium intensity of brown
SEED: medium to medium large, elongated to elongated flattened, yellow ground colour of testa
HILUM: yellow
FUNICLE: different colour from testa

Origin & Breeding History: 'Angelica' (experimental designation szd5901) originated from a cross made in Reichersberg, Austria between 'SZD-12' and 'ES Mentor' in 2011. A single pod descent technique was used until the F4 generation at which time a single plant was selected for maturity, protein content, yield, lodging resistance and disease resistance. Breeder seed of 'Angelica' was bulked at the F8 generation consisting of 9 lines.

Tests & Trials: The comparative trials for 'Angelica' were conducted at C&M Seeds in Palmerston, Ontario, Canada during the 2018 and 2019 growing seasons. The trials were planted in a RCB design with 4 replicates per variety. Each plot was 4 square metres and consisted of 4 rows space 0.4 metres apart with a seeding density 70 seeds per square metre. Measurements were taken from 20 plants or parts of 20 plants of each variety per year. Mean differences were significant at the 5% probability level based on LSD values.

Comparison tables for 'Angelica' with reference varieties 'OAC Durham', 'S07-D2' and 'S07-M8'

Plant height (cm)

  'Angelica' 'OAC Durham' 'S07-D2' 'S07-M8'
mean 2018 (LSD=1.09) 96 82 95 80
std. deviation 2018 1.94 1.62 1.99 1.04
mean 2019 (LSD=1.30) 80 64 77 62
std. deviation 2019 2.22 2.11 1.66 1.99

Seed weight (grams per 100 seeds)

  'Angelica' 'OAC Durham' 'S07-D2' 'S07-M8'
mean 2018 (LSD=0.33) 28.3 23.7 26.2 26.2
std. deviation 2018 0.38 0.64 0.39 0.59
mean 2019 (LSD=0.23) 23.3 20.9 22.1 22.1
std. deviation 2019 0.35 0.42 0.29 0.36

Maturity date (number of days from planting to maturity)

  'Angelica' 'OAC Durham' 'S07-D2' 'S07-M8'
mean 2018 120 117 114 118
mean 2019 118 115 112 114

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Soybean: 'Angelica' (top left) with reference varieties 'OAC Durham' (top right), 'S07-D2' (bottom left), and 'S07-M8' (bottom right)

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