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Denomination: 'Gaulsidh11'
Botanical Name: Gaultheria procumbens
Applicant/Holder: Sidhu, Gurjit
9623 Sylvester Road
Mission, British Columbia
V2V 7K6
Breeder: Gurjit Sidhu, Mission, British Columbia
Application Date: 2015-11-17
Provisional Protection:: 2015-11-17
Application Number: 15-8748
Grant of Rights Date: 2017-11-13
Certificate Number: 5579
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2037-11-13

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: Gaultheria procumbens

Summary: The leaf blade of 'Gaulsidh11' is longer than that of Gaultheria procumbens. The inflorescence of 'Gaulsidh11' has 5 to 10 flowers per panicle whereas the inflorescence of Gaultheria procumbens has 3 to 5 flowers per panicle. The corolla and fruit of 'Gaulsidh11' are wider than those of Gaultheria procumbens.


PLANT: strong vigour, spreading growth habit, green stem

LEAF: simple
LEAF BLADE: elliptic and obovate, acute apex, cuneate base, weakly serrate margin
LEAF BLADE (UPPER SIDE): dark green to light green (RHS 144A-B) with light green (RHS N144A) tones when newly opened, strong anthocyanin colouration when newly opened, brown green (darker than RHS 147A) in summer, brown green (RHS 146A) and dark brown (RHS 200A-B) in fall, dark brown (RHS 200A-B) in winter
PETIOLE: present

INFLORESCENCE: 5 to 10 flowers per panicle
COROLLA: urceolate, white (RHS NN155B) outer side, weak intensity of anthocyanin colouration on outer side
FRUIT: round in longitudinal section, red (RHS 45B) skin when young, red (RHS 45A-B) skin with dark pink red to red pink (RHS 50B-C) at base when mature, white (RHS N155D) flesh, strong glossiness

Origin & Breeding History: 'Gaulsidh11' originated from an open pollinated cross that occurred in 2006, in Mission, British Columbia, in a greenhouse production bed of Gaultheria procumbens seedlings. The new variety was discovered as a chance seedling in the fall of 2010 and was selected based on its growth habit, leaf shape, berry set and berry distribution along the stems. 'Gaulsidh11' was evaluated in greenhouse trials from 2011 to 2015 and assessed for stability, uniformity and overall performance. Asexual reproduction of 'Gaulsidh11' was first conducted by tissue culture from stem cuttings in April 2011, in Mission, British Columbia.

Tests & Trials: The comparative trial for 'Gaulsidh11' was conducted in late 2015 and throughout the spring to fall of 2016, at Bioflora Inc., in St. Thomas, Ontario. The trial included a total of 10 plants of the candidate variety and 8 plants of the reference variety. All plants were grown from young plants in 10 cm diameter pots and transplanted to 12 cm deep containers on November 5, 2015. The plants were over-wintered in a double polyhouse and moved outdoor in the spring of 2016 to an irrigated trial area. Observations and measurements of fruit and winter leaf colours where taken on December 27, 2015, leaf and flower characteristics were taken on August 10, 2016, fall foliage colours were taken on November 11, 2016. All colour determinations were made using the 2007 Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Colour Chart.

Comparison tables for 'Gaulsidh11' with reference variety Gaultheria procumbens

Leaf blade length (cm)

  'Gaulsidh11' Gaultheria procumbens
mean 5.0 3.8
std. deviation 0.29 0.20

Corolla width (mm)

  'Gaulsidh11' Gaultheria procumbens
mean 8.0 5.0
std. deviation 0.8 0.5

Fruit width (mm)

  'Gaulsidh11' Gaultheria procumbens
mean 14.7 12.5
std. deviation 0.67 0.51

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Wintergreen: 'Gaulsidh11' (left) with reference variety Gaultheria procumbens (right)

Click on image for larger view
Wintergreen: 'Gaulsidh11' (left) with reference variety Gaultheria procumbens (right)

Click on image for larger view
Wintergreen: 'Gaulsidh11' (left) with reference variety Gaultheria procumbens (right)

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