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Former - Advertising requirements
Food advertising responsibilities

Print and internet advertising

There is no mandatory federal requirement for the review of print or internet advertising for food. Some provincial and territorial liquor boards may have criteria for print advertising.

Broadcast advertising (radio and television)

The Council is a national non-profit advertising self-regulatory body, which offers a fee-based service to provide advertising preclearance for the Canadian industry relating to advertising for alcoholic beverages, food and non-alcoholic beverages. The Council can review broadcast advertising scripts to promote compliance with applicable legislation. For example the Council reviews food and non-alcoholic broadcast advertising scripts using criteria in the FDA, FDR, and other reference materials and guidance.

The Council provides relevant information on the Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) webpage, including:

  • Guidelines for the Use of Comparative Advertising and Guidelines for the Use of Research and Survey Data to Support Comparative Advertising Claims
  • The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards
  • information on their preclearance services

Food and non-alcoholic beverages

The Code of Ethics of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters states no commercial message containing a claim or endorsement of a food or non-alcoholic beverage to which the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations apply may be broadcast unless the script for the commercial message or endorsement has been approved by the Food and Beverage Clearance Section of Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) and carries a current script clearance number. However, advertisements that do not make a "Food and Beverage Claim" are exempt from clearance.

Alcoholic beverages

For information about the advertising requirements and preclearance information related to alcoholic beverages, refer to Alcohol.

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