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Former - List of ingredients and allergens


The type height required for lists of ingredients and allergen labelling is governed by the Food and Drug Regulations, and a specific minimum type height has not been prescribed. Although the regulations state only that the information must be clearly and prominently displayed on the label and readily be discernible to the purchaser or consumer under customary conditions of sale and use, it is generally recognized that 1.6 mm (1/16"), based on the lower case letter "o" satisfies this requirement. For further details, refer to Legibility requirements.


The list of ingredients may appear on any panel of the prepackaged product [B.01.008(1), FDR], except for the bottom panel [B.01.005, FDR]. The only prepackaged products that can have a list of ingredients on the bottom of the container are ones under very specific circumstances, e.g., ornamental containers. For further details, refer to Location requirements.

A "contains" statement for allergens, gluten and added sulphites, if used must appear on the label of a prepackaged product after the list of ingredients for the product without any intervening printed, written or graphic material [B.01.010.3(1)(a), FDR]. The list of ingredients in the other official language is considered as intervening material.

For example: the "contains" statement in English must be grouped with the English list of ingredients, and a French list of ingredients cannot be displayed between the two.

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